Travel “around the world” in 90 minutes

With travelling “around the world” becoming more and more popular over the last couple of decades, whether it’s for a gap year or a break from a stressful workload in the UK you are bound to hear one or two stories of people jetting off to a faraway country to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.


The humans natural instinct to want to travel and experience new things has perhaps always been there but it has more recently been made more possible by countries becoming increasingly accessible. Competition within the travel industry is higher than previous years as more than 20 million visits were made abroad by British citizens last year alone according to the office for national statistics! Prices are falling and the use of social media is increasing as more people are exposed to what there is to offer outside of Britain.   


Team Tactics thought it would be a great idea to have an indoor team building event where you can travel “around the world” under one roof. Slightly easier than the real thing as it doesn’t involve any long haul flights or huge travel expenses! Also slightly shorter as Team Tactics can fit in a great fun filled team building event in 90 minutes. This unique indoor treasure hunt is set in a room which is transformed into different regions around the world.

 Around the World Corporate Team Away DayAround the World Corporate Team Building ActivityAround the World in 90 Minutes

Teams compete against each other to complete a number of interactive tasks and questions before the clock stops! Covering countries from Egypt to New Zealand participants explore the countries following clues on a Samsung GPS tablet. However this is more than just a sit down event, lots of tasks involve creativity and problem solving from tower construction in Italy to learning the Haka in New Zealand as well as some airline logo tasks. Photo evidence will be needed to gain extra points and to keep ahead of the competition as the live scoreboard is updated throughout the travels. The excellent team building event is rounded off with a price for the winner.         

 Around the World Corporate Team Challenge

“Around the World in 90 minutes” is an event which Team Tactics can bespoke to any duration or number of teams but more importantly Team Tactics can create tasks or questions with are individual to each client to make the event that little bit more special and effective as a team building event. Another way this could be adapted is as a conference energiser and is proven to create laughter all the way through.


My favourite part of this event is the idea of using technology to enhance your experience in team building and to create a more competitive atmosphere. This is also arguably the most fun event as you are rushing against the clock to participate in some extremely amusing tasks. Guaranteed laughter and team building make our “around the world in 90 minutes” event a popular one!              

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