1. Choose a different event from your standard Christmas party

Our most important tip for having a perfect Christmas party is to break away from the same old shared party night with the same food and music which you have got used to year after year. Christmas parties have developed since this with a vast choice of different and fun activities that your team or company can enjoy during the festive period! From learning a skill through ice carving, to exploring London for clues and performing comical tasks in our Yuletide treasure hunts

2. Plan in advance

It may seem too early but we have enquiries starting in September. Availability runs out for certain days and times and in particular different venues for running certain events in advance in London. Planning will be needed if you are set on a particular event or date with such high demand in the capital. Although we try to accommodate everyone, sometimes we will be able to recommend another event which is equally enjoyable but may not require a venue such as our popular Yuletide Treasure Hunts across London.

3. Make sure you add a meal and drinks onto your event

You may be choosing to do something extra special this year for example, our ice carving event, however we believe a Christmas event is not a Christmas event without the addition of a meal and drinks for your team. With so many bars and restaurants to choose from in London we have some particular favourites we can recommend and organise for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for your budget too as there are so many different menus available, suitable from a lower budget up to a private dining experience in an iconic London restaurant.

4. Make sure the event is suitable for your team

With so many events to choose between it is important to make sure everyone will enjoy themselves and be able to be fully engaged in the activity. For example we are able to offer a Santa Sleigh Trail which involves using a London Cabby to help you with your treasure hunt in comparison to the Yuletide Treasure Hunt which is a walking treasure hunt. Different events are suitable for differing groups of people however most of our events are suitable for anyone who wants to take part!

5. Ensure you take enough pictures

To make your Christmas memories last that little bit longer we recommend that enough pictures are taken of your colleagues at your Christmas event. As mentioned before, our Christmas treasure hunt offers a lot of opportunities to take your festive pictures.  Teams must use their Galaxy tab to navigate around your chosen city, only when the GPS verifies they are in the right location will the team be able to activate their challenge. These challenges are proven to create a lot of laughter along the way and we send these pictures to everyone the day after the event!