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Why is it important to consider morale?


One important factor to think about when considering team morale is its productivity. Happy employees are proven to be efficient and productive employees with a higher output. If employees are involved as equal members of the organization in corporate days out they are more likely to take more care and time in their duties as an employee. Managers will also see that creative solutions to problems arrive a lot quicker when staff morale is high, improved performance and creativity are a direct result of a higher team morale. Another important factor is the level of attention to detail. When staff enjoy their work people will pay more attention to the work they are doing. When staff morale is low, people are more likely to become distracted, make mistakes and work slower.

An important reason why staff morale can have such an impact on production is the quality of work they produce. Staff members with a high morale produce work at a higher standard than staff with a low or negative morale.       

How to boost your teams morale with corporate days out

Communication is key

The first step to improve morale is to create a culture where the team understands that their morale and wellbeing in the workplace is important to you as the team leader. A heavy workload or the sense that the employees work isn’t being rewarded and appreciated can work as factors to reduce motivation in the work place.

corporate days out boost moraleA corporate day out is the perfect way to ensure employees know that they are valued within the organisation and to appreciate them for their hard work. Corporate days out offer a unique opportunity to reward staff away from the office environment.

You will probably be surprised by how many opportunities there are to reward staff. At Team Tactics we specialise in corporate events and enjoy creating the perfect experiences across the UK with the majority of our events across the capital. There is a vast array of events which show the investment you have made in the employee and as well as making them feel valued.

Corporate days out boost morale thames

Corporate days out with success

Some of our popular events include: Corporate Cooking, Thames Power Blast, Cocktail making experiences and our London Turbo Challenge. Our Corporate Cooking events are designed to be sociable and fun for the corporate client where staff will develop creativity and confidence in the kitchen. The Thames Power Blast is a quick adrenalin fuelled experience along the Thames in your very own high speed rib. Shop, Chop & Be Merry offers an engaging twist on a standard cocktail making experience with the team venturing through borough market to source some local ingredients to put a signature on their cocktails. Our highly popular London Turbo Challenge offers the best of three events combined into the day with a fantastic high speed ride along the Thames followed by an adrenalin filled climb over the O2 and a fantastic experience on an A380 Emirates Airbus.

If you are struggling to boost morale Contact Us and we can suggest a number of exciting events and activities to motivate your team!    

“Staff members who develop close personal relationships with their co-workers are much more likely to stay with a company” David Bakke, Forbes.

how corporate days out boost morale