how to get employees excited to do their work

Motivating employees isn’t always easy. However it is essential to realise the importance of employee motivation and work as best you can to make your employees excited to do their work once again! We often believe that the most effective way to respond to this concern is to directly tell employees what to do. Directing a team is definitely one way to achieve your goals but while its tried and tested it can also be seen as outdated and lacks an innovative way to solve the issue. Employees are left feeling less engaged at work and their performance struggles. Managers have to rethink how they communicate with their teams and instead of creating another checklist they have to complete, employees want to be inspired and the challenge is to shift from ‘I have to’ to ‘I want to’.

Disengagement reduces the quality of work output along with reducing productivity causing major problems if employee engagement is not considered. Sometimes a simple level of appreciation and recognition can go a long way. If you get the most out of your employees the result will be positive, therefore employee happiness should be a priority. 

Here are three ways to get employees excited to do their work

1. Recognize Good Performance

Along with the usual monitoring and checking up on an employees work it is equally as important to recognise their performance and good effort. Ways that this can be done include giving them an award or recognising them in front of everyone. Another way that performance can be recognised is with team events. A staff day out for the highest performers is a perfect way to encourage hard work with the aim of receiving a fun and engaging day away from the office with colleagues.

2. Improve The Working Environment

how to get your employees excited to do their work

The average employee spends more than 40 hours a week in the office. This shows the importance of the working environment and how easily it can have an effect of an employees performance levels. The impact of the working environment can easily be seen with the levels of positivity usually positively correlating with performance. There are so many simple ways to improve the atmosphere with companies adopting free lunches or snacks and some even offering massages and other perks. One way to do something truly unique is to hold a short team activity that will engage all and provide a nice break from the employees work. Why not treat your team to a Haka or Drumming event or a simple Clap Happy energiser to allow them to enjoy their work day that little bit more.       

3. Flexibility Is Key

Too much rigidity in the workplace can hold back a fast-changing business environment. Employees usually thrive on flexibility of management and it enables them to unlock their creative potential. It is essential to adapt and respond to change while employees who are able to adapt to shifting priorities are considered a valuable asset. Flexibility in the workplace builds employee trust and commitment and helps to keep key talent. Being flexible creates an environment where employers and employees can look at work and personal needs in a balanced approach, which is mutually beneficial.

Sometimes the standard incentives are not enough so it is essential to consider a unique approach to employee motivation. Browse Team Tactics selection of staff days out that act as both. 

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