How To Use Your Events Budget For Corporate Charity Events

One factor that has always had an advantageous effect on companies is the need for Corporate Social Responsibility. Although the implementation of this can involve a number of ‘boring’ laws and compliance factors, it can also involve going beyond this to engage in actions that result in social good. The most common way of doing so is to engage in corporate charity events.

Using your corporate events budget for charity can have a number of benefits for your company but ultimately provides a fun way to raise money for charity.

What events are great for corporate charity events?

  1. 1. Charity Treasure Hunts

Our charity treasure hunts offer an interactive and enjoyable way for staff to participate in a corporate charity event. At Team Tactics we have a great relationship with Demelza Hospice Care For Children. Throughout the apprentice style treasure hunt teams are to negotiate and tug on the heart strings of sellers to buy as many specified objects for the Hospice such as arts and crafts, books, swimming goggle and sensory toys. As part of the treasure hunt an Art Therapy class is also donated to the charity which is a fantastic relief for the children to express their feelings in art form.

“Charity Treasure Hunts provide the perfect opportunity to give back to a priceless charity while combining an enjoyable day out of the office exploring the capital”  

  1. 2. Build a bike/wendy house for charity
corporate charity events

The Build A Bike/Wendy House For Charity offers something different resulting in the enjoyment of team building, along with helping the community by making a genuine difference to the lives of young people. This empowering activity includes exciting challenges to engage all team members to acquire additional parts and materials. The high quality bikes can then be delivered to your charity of choice creating a high sense of achievement for your team.

  1. 3. Cakes for charity

Corporate baking is the perfect opportunity to get the team together in a fun and participative event inspired by the extremely popular ‘Great British Bake Off’. Bakers must create baking masterpieces along with the showstopper and technical tasks. The edible treats are then delivered to a local charity of your choice to brighten up their day!

Corporate charity events

What are the benefits of corporate charity events?

Better Public Relations

Sharing charity activities by the company has a tremendous impact on public relations as it demonstrates to clients, customers, and business partners that the organisation and its leadership team are dedicated to charitable causes and the local community.   

Team Building

When teams raise money together they are often mixed between divisions and departments and can use it as a great opportunity to mingle with people they may have never met before. This greater sense of camaraderie and unity towards a common goal can achieve greater efficiency in every day company activities.  

Employee Retention

Giving employees the sense of achievement can increase their pride in themselves and their loyalty in the company itself. They are proud to work for a company employing such beneficial charity events and therefore are more likely to stay at the company for a long time.

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