1. Some of our most common Christmas traditions have some surprising origins, read on and have a fantastic Christmas and Office Christmas Party!
  2. 1. Who Created the much loved Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?

  3. things you didnt know about christmas
  5. Ever wondered where Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer originated from? 
  6. The much loved character was first created as an advertising gimmick. Robert L May first created the fun reindeer in 1939 to grab the attention of shoppers and draw them into the Montgomery Ward department store. Since then Rudolph has become a figure of Christmas folklore and is a well known symbol of Christmas time.
  9. 2. Why Do We Kiss Under  A Plant Called Mistletoe?

  11. Kissing under mistletoe is a well-known festive tradition shared across the world, however little people know why exactly we do this. It all started thousands of years ago when many cultures used mistletoe for its healing properties. The plant is believed to have been used for many aches and pains as well as epilepsy. Mistletoe can blossom even during the frozen winter months so the Celtic Druids came to view it as a sacred symbol and used in the hope of restoring fertility.
  13. 3. Bringing The Outdoors Indoors, But Why?

  15. When it comes to Christmas trees we have got a lot to thank Prince Albert for. Even before Christianity, Germans would decorate trees to brighten the dark days of the winter months with the first Christmas trees appearing in Strasbourg in the 17th century. The tradition only took off in the UK once Prince Albert introduced the tree to his new wife, England’s Queen Victoria. 

things you didnt know about christmas

  2. 4. Christmas Is Expensive

  4. As you know the presents, the Christmas food, the decorations and even the Christmas cards all add up! But we were even surprised when we heard that the average America will spend $700 on holiday gifts this year which totals more than $465 billion according to ABC News.
  6. 5. Everyone Goes Turkey Crazy!

  7. things you didnt know about christmas
  9. We all like to indulge in a selection of never ending festive treats throughout the Christmas period. Perhaps the most symbolic of Christmas foods is the turkey tradition. Last Christmas the UK consumed approximately 10 million turkeys with 76% of families around the UK serving the delicious roast turkey centre piece. If you can’t imagine Christmas day without turkey have a think about people living before the 1950’s when turkey was considered a luxury before it became more widely available.
  11. 6. Modern Christmas Songs Are Not Popular

  13. It could be a while until the 1984’s version of Band Aid will be wiped off the top spot of the top 20 biggest selling Christmas hits. According to official charts the top 20 is made up of songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s with only Band Aid 20 and Alexandra Burke making it onto the list. With only two entries released since the millennium it might be some time until a modern Christmas song becomes just as popular.
  15. 7. Home Alone, Elf  or Grinch who is number one?

  17. And the race for the highest grossing Christmas film of all time was a close finish with “Home Alone” grossing $285.76 million followed by a close second by “How Grinch Stole Christmas” with a staggering $260.04 million to its name according to Forbes. Home Alone proved so popular that it stayed at the top of the box office for an impressive 12 weeks. Its was releases on November 16 and was the number one film all the way past the Christmas season until 1st February 1991.

Now we hope you can celebrate your office Christmas party safe in the knowledge you know 7 extremely interesting facts about the most wonderful time of year!