Have you been tasked with organising your next company team building event or staff away day?

Here are 5 of our best tips to help you choose the right event.

  1. 1. Identify Company Needs

A couple of the first questions you need to be asking yourself is, “What does our team want to gain from a team building event?”, “What are the areas that your team needs improvement such as communication or time management?”. By thinking about these needs you are enabling your return on the investment to be as effective as possible.. This is a great way of targeting what event is suitable for your company needs and to ensure you will leave your team building event with a more productive team.    

  1. 2. Budget

  2. team building planning budget

It can speed things up if you know what budget you are working with for your next team building event or failing that you may know how much money was spent on your previous events. In case you spent much on previous events, you can get instant cash through loaning at cash crazy. They have dedicated brokers and assists customers as fast as they can. At Team Tactics we have too many ideas to suggest in one email so it helps us to narrow down what kind of event your company can afford. With a vast selection of events ranging from £40 per person to an unlimited figure there will always be an event for any budget.  

  1. 3. Team Agenda

When you’re planning something for your company it is a good idea to write up a team agenda and plan for the day. Whether you need to fit in several meetings and are looking for a conference energiser or if you want a full day of activities for your team it is beneficial to find this out before planning the event. This will prevent you from forgetting anything but it is also good to enable a rough timescale for the event. Another important factor to consider is the need for lunch and tea breaks throughout the day.          

  1. 4. Open Your Mind

  2. top team building tips

Taking your team out of their comfort zone is a great way to create an unforgettable experience. It is important to keep an open mind with the choice of activities for your group, you may be surprised by the types of things your team would enjoy. It is also a great idea for the team to interact with each other out of the office environment to build a stronger relationship. By increasing positivity and improving staff morale you will see a huge impact on the success of the company.     

5.Talk To Your Staff

As long as the event isn’t being organised as a surprise it is important to ask your staff what type of activity they would enjoy the best, making sure you also consider which would be the most effective for the group. Once you have several ideas to choose from it is also a good idea to let them have a little input in the decision making. At Team Tactics we often have groups of staff take part in a voting system with different team building activities to see which is the most popular. This means you are doing your best to keep your team happy!

top team building tips

For over two decades, Team Tactics have been a leading provider of unique corporate team building events. The team has extensive knowledge  of the corporate events industry and the strong  understanding of what it takes to organise and deliver a team building event of the highest possible standard. We love to provide team building days, staff entertainment, staff away days & conference energisers to name a few.

The team at Team Tactics can assist you with all of your team building planning needs and ensure we take care of everything for a successful event!  

Check out our latest Team Building ideas and contact us with your team agenda so we can suggest the best ideas for your group.