Break the Cycle – Build a Bike

The problem of Kibera…

Picture a sprawling African slum and it will probably look something like Kibera, a neighbourhood of the city of Nairobi in Kenya. It is a dangerous place for adults, let alone teenagers and children. The slum is rife with gangs, crime and prostitution and there is limited access to secondary school education and very few out of school activities for young boys and girls to participate in, this city is also built around the drug distribution, lots of young adults and teenagers are suffering from addiction. It is a challenging situation, and for a lot of the inhabitants their future seems bleak and poverty-stricken. But help is starting to trickle through and it’s thanks to foundations like The Kibera Cycling Club, which was founded by The Red Rubber Ball Charity.


The infrastructure in place…

The Kibera Cycling Club aims to provide an opportunity for children in Kibera to have fun, learn skills, build confidence and achieve personal development through physical activity. The project provides children with reliable mentors who teach cycling skills and bike maintenance with the aim to unlock their full potential and provide the right influence and opportunities which are otherwise in small supply. All of this is made possible through donations and the foundation relies on individuals and companies for cycling equipment. At Team Tactics, we are so impressed with the work they do at The Kibera Cycling Club that we dedicate our Build a Bike for Charity event to them.

charity team building
How you can help…

In its own right, our Build a Bike for Charity is a proven team building winner, and the charity aspect is the cherry on top to make it a fantastic day for any business. Your group will be split into teams and tasked with building a fully functional, high quality bike. Along the way they must undergo challenges and knowledge sessions to correctly assemble all the parts including the brakes and gears. The finished bikes are then donated to a charity of your choice or to The Kibera Cycling Club. Once donated these bikes make such a difference to the young lives of those out on Kibera and it gives the children a real opportunity to aspire to more than their surroundings.

 charity team building

Follow the link for more information on how to participate in one of our Charity events.