Top 10 Christmas Party Venues In London

london christmas partiesHopefully you’ll have already booked your Christmas do. If not, and you’ve been tasked with organising Christmas in the capital, it may seem a bit overwhelming with the tens of thousands of restaurants / pubs / venues to choose between. There are quite literally more places to get around than there are days you have left on the planet; luckily, here is a list you can use to cheat ever so slightly.

In no particular order…

1.Revolution, Leadenhall

The Revolution chain is a success story of what throwing a good party can get you, with that in mind, of course they have made our list. With over 60 venues throughout the UK, including 5 in London, Revolution have lead a (errr…) revolution in their trade over the last 20 years by showing what a focus on quality food and premium drinks can deliver if done well.

London christmas parties

2.Ballie Ballison

If you want to get the ball rolling for your party, then grab the opportunity to book in here. It’s always time to party in this fun, UV, ball-pit themed cocktail bar which also offers limitless packages. You don’t need to worry about the hygiene – although there are one million balls to play with, they have a Gobble Muffin that sorts that out at a rate of 18,000 balls per hour. This place is the dog’s!

london christmas parties

3. Heeltap / George Inn

This is a bit of a two for the price of one, owing to a shared courtyard. Located close to Borough Market, these pubs offer a much needed respite from the outside world. On one side there is the Heeltap: a modern bar with good food and excellent cocktails. On the other there is The George Inn: London’s only remaining galleried Inn which is owned by the National Trust and run by Greene King. In the middle, a large courtyard beer garden.

london christmas parties

4.The Dickens Inn

This one is a reconstruction, but a beautiful one at that. This building was originally a warehouse 70 yards down the road before being moved next to the water in the beautiful (and exclusive) St. Katherine’s dock. Opened by the namesake’s grandson, this pub is a solid favourite with tourists and locals alike.

london christmas parties
  1. 5. Factory House

This quaint underground venue is located next to the iconic Lloyds building and the Leadenhall Place entrance of Leadenhall Market. Located underground, this venue boasts a fine selection of wines to complement their BBQ inspired menu. If wine isn’t your thing, then you can enjoy the selection of cocktails and admire the Victorian inspired décor.

London christmas parties
  1. 6. The Old Bank of England

This building was used by the bank of England from 1888 to 1975 and even held the Crown Jewels during the Great War. While the exterior is relatively non-descript for this part of London, the interior must be seen to be believed. It is perhaps one of the most opulent interiors for a pub in London, even the backbar is impressive; all this is best viewed from the mezzanine level.

London christmas parties
  1. 7. Crusting Pipe

The Crusting Pipe is located on the lower level of Covent Garden. The ‘outdoor’ eating area is under the cover of the Covent Garden roof and the indoor area utilises the vaults to give a cosy ambience, great for a Christmas gathering. It is an unusual venue, just be careful if you are over 6’ tall!

London christmas parties
  1. 8. The Giant Robot

The Giant Robot certainly bears one of the more interesting names on this list; it is also one of the least formal, a bit surprising given the fact that it is in the centre of Canary Wharf. This large semi-indoor venue boasts the largest roof-top garden in London along with a selection of street food venues.

London christmas parties
  1. 9. Glaziers Hall

  2. This unique venue is right next to London Bridge and offers views of the Thames. The Glaziers Hall boasts 6 grand rooms (and one small one) so there is no chance of running out of Space. Home to three livery companies, this Venue offers an interesting mix of tradition and modernity. This is by far the largest venue on this list.
London christmas parties
  1. 10. Duck and Waffle / Sushi Samba

This location is very much NOT underground. Located on the 40th floor of the Heron Building, it is the second highest restaurant in London and is the highest one that is open 24/7. It offers some of the best views of London and overlooks the Gherkin. If sushi is your thing, go downstairs to the 38th and 39th floors and enjoy Sushi Samba which has the UK’s highest outdoor terrace.

London christmas parties

So, there are our top 10 Christmas party venues for this year, I suppose technically it is 12 – enjoy your bonus 2! If you are interested in booking a corporate Christmas event in London, we can get almost anywhere as a venue (including the House of Commons…); do get in touch. 0203 905 1750


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