Getting your team to pay attention can be hard at the best of times, never mind after they’ve just had a few weeks off. Combine this with a conference in a nice warm room to kick-off the new year and you’ll be looking at nodding heads but not for the reason you want. You could turn off the heating, but that would be a bit of an own goal. Alternatively, you could book one of our conference energisers

1. Haka

Our Maori tribesmen will make a dramatic entrance to your event and perform the Haka to the delight of your guests. This traditional and ancient Maori Tribal dance works well as a spectacle, but have you ever considered taking part? This works well as a conference energiser, a team building activity, or purely to have some fun over the course of a dinner. So – don the Maori war paint (yes, we bring some of that too), and prepare to get LOUD!


2. Clap-Happy

Don’t panic, we’ve not started wearing tie-dye t-shirts! This is a fabulous fun event which is great as an energiser. Each delegate is given their own pair of coloured rubber gloves and our specialists get your team working together to build upon each others’ clapping to build the rhythm. Just imagine everything you can do with your hands, now add rubber! This is perfect for smaller venues and overseas events due to the lack of equipment required.


3. Fast & Furious

Faced with a jumble of model components teams must switch into overdrive to assemble a range of model concept cars in record time. This is an exhilarating table top game to test your teams’ planning and communication skills. Optimising flow is critical to success as teams are challenged to form ultra-efficient assembly lines and shave seconds off their build times. Speed is rewarded, but small mistakes can see teams slipping down the leaderboard. The ‘Fast & Furious’ Challenge is ideal as a short conference energiser and is a great way to inject a bit of energy into the room. 

fast and furious conference energiser4. Bollywood Dancing

This expressive dance experience is an ideal activity for those feeling a little more energetic. The Bollywood film industry is over 100 years old and its iconic style has gained worldwide popularity. Its films are colourful extravaganzas, well-loved for their catchy song and dance routines. Teams are put through their paces by our professional Bollywood dance instructors as they taught the iconic dance routines which can be adapted to a team’s level of ability. This works well as a conference energiser or stand-alone activity. bollywood conference energiser

5. Drumming

Our professional percussionists will work with your group to encourage team work by working in unison to achieve powerful sounds in this heart-pounding activity. Indulge your primal side and feel the drums resonate through every fibre of your being. This event is sponsored by Remo which, if you’re a musician, you’ll know is a serious feather in the cap of this immediately energetic event. Teams will work together to produce a grand finale, every member has an important part to play in creating an amazing musical experience.

energiserIf you would like to know more about these events, or any of our other conference energisers, do get in touch. 0203 905 1750 [email protected].