Office Secret Santa, one of the few ‘optional’ office activities that is a real joy if done correctly. In the Team Tactics office we have set a minimum of £10 so do doing a Secret Santa is a great way of doing Christmas in the office without spending all of your money on presents. But what to buy…? It greatly depends on who you are buying for; it’s particularly useful if the person you are buying for likes to broadcast loudly to the world exactly what they what. Annoyingly the person I’m buying for hasn’t done that so I’ve got to write this blog without giving away what I’m planning on buying.

Geeky things

While sports related gifts are often popular, you have to know which team they like, and official merchandise can be expensive. Car related items are usually good, but something sci-fi related is perhaps the most likely to hit the mark. You can get something like this Enterprise Pizza cutter for about £25.

Alternatively, if you know of a particular preference for Star Wars, then something like this Death Star Ice cube shape (around £7) would likely go down well.


Cool Things

Posters are good, especially if you know someone’s favourite band or film but good luck smuggling that into the office without anyone noticing. Desk-top Henry Hoovers or minature wheely-bins are always good for mirthment.

Nanoblocks do cool little gifts like this set-up below. If you think Lego is better, then plenty of smaller (Star Wars!) sets are available at a reasonable price.

Perishable Things

If in doubt – booze and chocolates. That can never go wrong. Most supermarkets offer products that are a combination of the two, or come with some kind of glass. While these combo-gifts offer practically zero value for money on the headline product, if it comes with a particularly nice glass that you think they’ll use, that could be the nicer option. After all, ‘just’ chocolates and booze, while welcome, will soon be consumed and forgotten.

Naughty things

No! Just because you think something is hilarious does not mean others do. I could not believe the amount of explicit tat I found while researching this. A suspiciously shaped mug may be appropriate for a close friend, but at work try to keep it professional.

What this all really boils down to is how well you know the person that you are buying for. If you know their habits/hobbies/interests (and they’re cheap enough), then buy something appropriate for them to go with that. If not (and you’re running out of time) booze and chocolates never fail, just don’t turn up to the office party empty handed!

That’s one man’s perspective; what have I missed out? Do let me know in the comments or contact us here.