It’s soon to be the New Year. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve over with, now come the long, dark, cold months; biding our time while we wait for the warmth and the light to return and for the collective financial (and social) hangover to wear off. Morale might be a bit low. GOOD NEWS! We have plenty of team building events to perk up your colleagues and help them remember how to enjoy life (and work) again…

GPS Treasure Hunts

By far our most popular event, Team Tactics’ team building treasure hunts are competitive, highly participative events, not to mention exceedingly fun! Our hunts offer a fantastic challenge for our clients as they race against the clock, and their colleagues in other teams, to score as many points as possible. Using our unique GPS App, teams must work together to assure victory; this is a great way to improve communication, encourage creativity, and to take in the local sights and sounds.

treasure hunt team building

We have various GPS hunts available: Bright Lights of London (a customisable GPS Hunt, now available in any city), Game of Zones (Currently available in Westminster or Tower Bridge areas) and Cab Clue Trial. All of our GPS hunts have corresponding Christmas versions (also customisable). We have teamed up with Demelza Hospice Care For Children so that teams have to hunt certain items that the charity needs for their hospices, you can reinforce your company’s values whilst also having a lot of fun!

Robot Wars

robot wars team buildingWhat is better than fighting robots? Controlling the fighting robots! We bring the arena to you, along with the technical expertise of the man whose team brings the house robots to life on BBC’s Robot Wars! Whether you wish to construct your robot to be better on the offence or defence is up to you, but only one will survive… ACTIVATE!

It’s a Knockout!

Do you remember the giant costumes from the BBC TV show? Have you ever wondered how heavy they are? Well now there is an opportunity to find out with our It’s a Knockout team building event, along with trying the original penguin costumes too! After your teams have been warmed up by one of our professional instructors, they will compete against each other on giant colourful inflatables doused in water and plenty of bubbles. The winning team will be presented with a bottle of Champagne and a trophy; if you wish we can arrange to provide personalised rewards for the winning team. A compere will also be on hand to delight the audience with a suitably off-the-wall take on the frantic antics at hand!

its a knockout team building

Corporate Cooking

corporate cooking team builidingTeam Tactics is London’s longest established corporate cooking events company. We’re not a cookery school – instead we have three events that give a slightly different take on cooking: the ‘Corporate Cooking Challenge’, ‘Around the World’, and ‘Mystery Box Challenge’. These are for any groups between 12 and 180 persons in size. Wether you are looking to entertain key clients, or simply looking for a fun team building event, then our corporate cooking events are an excellent choice. Participants will develop their culinary confidence while working as a team, and as the recipes are also provided, these new skills can easily be taken home (along with any leftover food!). We can also add a competitive element to the challenges to add that extra bit of spice to your event.

We of course have plenty of other events, contact us for more ideas:

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