Event of the Month – Lord of the Swords

Ever wanted to recreate battle scenes from your favourite fantasy films or TV shows? This is your chance to grab that dream by the hilt and march forward to battle in this spectacular high intensity event – Lord of the Swords.

This event is an amazing team building group activity as you learn to battle with deadly efficiency as they did in the Medieval times. Our fight directors guide you step by step as you enter the world of sword fighting, with such a variety of weapons available such as medieval broadsword, rapier or body combat where you channel your body as the weapon just like the monks of old. You will hone your skills to become the ultimate warrior.

EOM - Lord of the Swords 3

This popular battle experience is suitable for all physical and skill levels. The activity is designed to be enjoyable by all levels and abilities. During this session you will learn new skills to both attack, defend and parry all in a safe environment. After you feel confident in your abilities we put you to the test in a duel with your colleagues as we rotate the duelists throughout the sessions to ensure the whole group interact together.

The Lord of the Swords is a unique, adrenaline pumping, team building that is the perfect choice for all involved.

EOM - Lord of the Swords

If the above isn’t really to your liking then we at Team Tactics offer numerous other activities and energisers, whether you want to catch a rat in our team orientated game Rat Trap, explore London in our Game of Zones visiting 4 different zones to complete puzzles both mentally and physically in your teams or if you are up for absolute madness with Zorb-olympics or inflatable assault courses from It’s a Knockout. No matter the activity we have something to cater to your needs here.

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