I’m sure that if you haven’t directly experienced them, you’ll know someone who has experienced the classic team building activities of trust exercises: falling backwards and getting caught and the like. The only problem with this kind of activity is that everyone knows what is going on and their defences go up, it’s human nature. You need to get clever… The best way to do team building is in a way that the participants either do not know they are doing it or, if they do, make them have so much fun that they don’t care about the ulterior motive. Audience engagement is key, and we have just such events…

1. The Bigger Picture

This collaborative event is all about bringing your group together to work on a common goal. This works equally well as after dinner entertainment or as a stand-alone activity. Based on your group size, we will advise how many teams your group should be broken up into. Each team will then be given a canvas and non-toxic, washable acrylic paint (protective clothing will be provided, just in case). Teams must then communicate effectively in order to recreate their section of a given image, making sure everything lines up for when they assemble …the bigger picture.

Team Building

2. Clue Done It

It’s time to don a SOCO suit (you know, the full-body white overalls off the telly) and solve crimes, the clever way. Teams must work together in order to piece together how the crime unfolded under the auspices of our experts. This engaging event is perhaps best described as CSI meets Cluedo. Teams will need to keep their wits about them to make sure that they don’t miss vital evidence in the search for the murderer.

Drawing from knowledge gained from years of experience across 1000’s of crime scenes, our experts will not only educate your teams but also delight them with tales of how their newly-acquired skills have been applied in the field. So, snap on the latex and get your head around this:

An evening diner party is taking place at a secluded Stately home. During the course of the evening a body is discovered, amidst the chaos it is also revealed that several high value items are missing! Is this a robbery that has gone drastically wrong? Or is there more to it?

Team Building

3. Drumming

Our professional percussionists will work with your group to encourage team work by working in unison to achieve powerful sounds in this heart-pounding activity. Indulge your primal side and feel the drums resonate through every fibre of your being. This event is sponsored by Remo which, if you’re a musician, you’ll know is a serious feather in the cap of this immediately energetic event. Teams will work together to produce a grand finale, every member has an important part to play in creating an amazing musical experience.

Team Building

4. It’s a Rat Trap

We’ve all played Mouse Trap, now scale it up so that the moving parts are man-size! Each team must construct giant Meccano-type structures which form part of a mesmerising chain reaction which ultimately squishes the rat. Although this may look like an excuse to indulge the inner child, teamwork is paramount – the structures must interlock correctly and teams must communicate effectively.

Team Building

5. Robot Wars

What is better than fighting robots? Controlling the fighting robots! We bring the arena to you, along with the technical expertise of the man whose team brings the house robots to life on BBC’s Robot Wars! Whether you wish to construct your robot to be better on the offence or defence is up to you, but only one will survive… ACTIVATE!

Team Building

6. GPS Treasure Hunts

By far our most popular event, Team Tactics’ team building treasure hunts are competitive, highly participative events, not to mention exceedingly fun! Our hunts offer a fantastic challenge for our clients as they race against the clock, and their colleagues in other teams, to score as many points as possible. Using our unique GPS App, teams must work together to assure victory; this is a great way to improve communication, encourage creativity, and to take in the local sights and sounds.

We have various GPS hunts available: Bright Lights of London (a customisable GPS Hunt, now available in any city), Game of Zones (Currently available in Westminster or Tower Bridge areas) and Cab Clue Trial. All our GPS hunts have corresponding Christmas versions (also customisable). We have teamed up with Demelza Hospice Care For Children so that teams have to hunt certain items that the charity needs for their hospices, you can reinforce your company’s values whilst also having a lot of fun!

Team Building

We of course have plenty of other events, contact us for more ideas:

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