We all love team building activities, and there are many different kinds to choose from: some events strain the muscles, others tickle the little grey cells. Read on for some of our events that will hopefully stir your inner muse…

  1. 1. The Bigger Picture

This artistic event is all about getting teams to communicate effectively while working on a common goal. Depending on group size, your party will be broken up into a number of teams, given a canvas and paints, and set loose. Teams must pay close attention to each other or things will go awry when they try to assemble …the bigger picture.

Team Building

  1. 2. Game of Zones

This is the newest of our iPad based products. Teams go head-to-head as they make their way around central London which is split into 4 zones: Futuristic, Medieval, Oceanic, and Industrial; with differing challenges in each area. Not only are there themed questions and questions based on the locale, teams must get creative in the picture challenges, video challenges, and using the lightweight bag of items that they are issued at the beginning. This event fosters collaboration within the teams, and raw competition between them!

Team Building

  1. 3. Build a Brand Challenge

While this may sound a bit more straight-laced than our usual offering, this is branding with a slight twist. Not only must teams collaborate to manufacture the product, but you must also design the packaging, devise an advertising campaign and act-out an advert. The product you ask? ICE CREAM!!

This is a great event to get your teams working together, on a product that they get to eat afterwards. We also provide judges so your teams will not only bond over a fun (and tasty) experience, but they may well learn something too!

Team Building

  1. 4. Clap Happy

In this palm-numbing activity, each of your guests is given a fabulous pair of rubber gloves to help synchronise this energising event. Our rhythmic specialists get you team to build upon each other’s clapping and this works fantastically well as an energiser. Due to the lack of equipment required, this is perfect for smaller venues.

Team Building

  1. 5. It’s a Rat Trap

It’s a Rat trap is an intense scaled-up version of the popular ‘Mouse Trap’ game. Utilizing man-sized Meccano structures, teams must work together to build quickly and accurately to ensure that these man-sized structures interlock. Communication is key as all teams come together at the end to achieve what this is all about – squishing the rat!

Team Building

We have plenty of other events, contact us for more ideas:

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