Start Planning Your Corporate Summer Event Now

While you may still be chipping the ice off of your car its important to remember that summer is not far away. Everyone knows that popular sports fixtures sell out quickly, team building events are no different: there are only so many days in the year and so many people that work in our industry. It’s a bit like Christmas shopping, if you have the budget, and you know what you want, don’t second guess yourself. The earlier you book your corporate summer party, the more likely you are to avoid disappointment.

  1. 1. Summer Paella Party

Do you fancy a bit of corporate cooking but don’t want to be cooped up indoors? Is BBQ a bit too basic? Then we have the perfect solution. Corporate cooking events are great for getting people working together on a fundamental common goal that everyone can get behind – dinner. However, when the weather is nice outside this is perhaps not the first event to spring to mind. Our ‘Summer Paella Party’ is perfect – we bring everything you need for a thoroughly entertaining (and hopefully educational) outdoor cooking event. Due to the highly mobile nature of this event, it can easily be combined with many of our other outdoor events. 

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  1. 2. Zorb-Olympics

This event is a wonderfull mix of activities: Giant Football Darts, Archery Tag, School Sports Day and to top it off: Zorb Football. All of these events are great fun, and you may have been fortunate enough to experience some of them before. However, Zorb Football is truly unique activity: delegates must play football while wearing a body zorb. This activity has a predictably hilarious outcome.

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  1. 3. London’s Turbo Challenge

Feeling hot? We all know what it’s like to overheat. While this event will get your heart-rate up, there is usually such wind whipping around you that you’ll be kept nice and cool. First you blast down the Thames on one of our Ribs, then you go Up at the O2. If that isn’t thrilling (or cool) enough: we then take you to enjoy the Emirates’ (air-conditioned) flight simulators. If you fancy something a little more relaxed (but not by much!), ask us about our ‘Summer on the Thames’ event.

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  1. 4. GPS Hunts

There’s nothing quite like an English summer. If you are based in London, why not see the sites in a new light with our unique treasure hunt on iPad minis. Our Bright Lights of London GPS Hunt make use of a combination of your surroundings and your ability to work together as a team to encourage you score as many points as possible. GPS Hunts are tricky enough as it is, our Game of Zones adds an extra element of complexity (and fun) by breaking London down into zones and adding a kit bag into the mix. If you’re feeling extra energetic why not ask us about our Olympic Park version, new for Summer 2018.

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  1. 5. Multi-Activity Day

Technically several events rolled into one, this is perhaps one of our most accurately named event: it takes a day, it’s in the countryside, and there are multiple activities. These include, but are not limited to: 4×4 driving, Archery, and Clay Pigeon Shooting. Each day is tailored to your needs and whims: it’s up to you whether you wish to focus more on promoting leadership, teamwork, or sheer fun. We can help advise what activities are best to fulfil your objectives and our friendly events managers are on hand to ensure that you and your team enjoy the best that the countryside has to offer. Our Multi-Activity Days are currently available in Berkshire, Kent, Surrey and Warwickshire.

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We have many other Summer Eventscontact us for more details:

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