This year’s Royal Regatta will be held Wednesday 4th July – Sunday 8th July and we are proud to once again offer our unparalleled hospitality at Henley. The best place to experience the tension at the start of the race is – of course – at the start line. Join us in the Temple Island Meadows which where the action starts. We pull out all the stops at the Waterfront, our idyllic riverbank location, which has a garden party ambience and is the ideal setting for entertaining your VIP guests. Enjoy excellent British dining throughout the day, with the occasional cream tea or Gin and Tonic thrown in for good measure, and revel in the tradition of the most prestigious event in the rowing calendar.

Corporate Hospitality Henley

As you’re probably aware there is a dress code, this was highlighted in 2009 when a student was refused entry as the hemline of her dress was above the knee. A spokesman for the club put it quite succinctly when he stated: ‘It should be remembered that no one is compelled to attend the regatta Stewards’ Enclosure and those who can do so are expected to conform to the dress code that is favoured by the majority of members of this private club’. Fair enough. However, the contribution to men’s fashion has been far greater.

We owe the term ‘Blazer’, and indeed the whole concept of wearing a suit jacket without the trousers and waistcoat, to the Lady Margaret Boat Club (founded 1825, St. John’s College, Cambridge University). To identify themselves as a team, they had matching bright-red blazers made up. The wearing of a jacket-type garment without the matching waistcoat and trousers quickly grew in popularity to the point of which that most people no longer know the difference between ‘Blazer’ and ‘Sport Jacket’.

Corporate Hospitality Henley

The Henley Royal Regatta has gone from strength to strength since it started in 1839 as a public amusement (complete with a fairground). It gained Prince Albert as it’s Royal Patron in 1851 and has enjoyed the patronage of every monarch since, hence the ‘Royal’ part of the name. It expanded from 1 afternoon of racing to 2 full days when only in its second year; an extra day was added to the fixture in 1886, again in 1904 before finally settling into its current 5 day format in 1984. There have been 4 distinct courses over the years, the changes being in 1886, 1923, and 1924; each change an attempt to increase the fairness of the competition. The course is the best it has ever been and this is also true of our hospitality.

Each year we build upon our previous year’s work and this year is no different. With over 20 years’ worth of corporate hospitality experience, Team Tactics is ideally placed to provide you and your guests with the very best hospitality options on offer. Speak to a member of our team to find out more…

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Corporate Hospitality Henley