Royal Ascot 2018: A Quick Guide

Corporate HospitalityTaking place between Tuesday 19th and Saturday 23th June, this year’s Royal Ascot is THE event of the social calendar and is the best attended race meet in Europe. This prestigious event started life in 1711 by Queen Anne when the only race was ‘Her Majesty’s Plate’. An 1813 Act of Parliament ensured that the grounds would remain a public racecourse and another Act in the same year established the Ascot Authority which still administers the course. It has remained at it’s original site for most of it’s history, except for 2005 when the meet took place in York while the Grandstand was being redeveloped.

Ascot is well served by transport links, as it is so close to London, and the main station is only a 7 minute walk from the race ground. As Team Tactics is an accredited hospitality agent, we can help with all of your transport needs. If you must drive, you can avail yourself of one of the 13,398 car parking spaces but afraid you’re out of luck if you wish to park in the royal enclosure; that is unless your great-grandfather applied for you: there is currently a 100 year waiting list.

All of our packages include a complimentary bar of some variety so hopefully you will be able to make your own (not insignificant) contribution to helping reach the total of 51,000 bottles of Champagne sunk each year. If you’re more of a foodie: it may interest you to learn that, amongst other mind-boggling statistics, a literal metric tonne of clotted cream is consumed at this event each year. Speaking of food, two of our packages are based around restaurants: Sandringham Restaurant and Carriages Restaurant; the latter offering uninterrupted views of the winning post.

The Royal Ascot Pavilion is what many people have in mind when they think about hospitality at Ascot and indeed we have a package based here, however, many people overlook the relatively new Royal Ascot Village which is located in the centre of the course. The village is quite literally in the centre of the action and, if you like to roam around, this package offers excellent value for money. All of our packages, of course, come with access to the Grandstand; all save one: Windsor Forest.

Windsor Forest has the best hospitality on offer at this prestigious event and our package comes with something a little more special than Grandstand Tickets: it comes with access to the Royal Enclosure. While everyone gets to see the Queen during the famous royal procession, nothing quite compares to being in the thick of it. Guests will have to adhere to a slightly stricter dress code for the Royal Enclosure but this is to be expected, and there are plenty of guides available online advising you how you should dress.

Corporate HospitalityRoyal Ascot has some of the best Race-Day hospitality on offer and is a fantastic back-drop for cementing those key client relationships, or for simply rewarding those of your team that deserve it. Get in touch to find out more about this unique event: 0203 905 1750 /