We’re launching the world’s first ever ‘Zorb Commuting’ service in London this week to celebrate National Walk to Work Day 2018.

Commuters in London will be able to use a Zorb to roll to work this Friday the 6th, instead of being at the mercy of often delayed and overcrowded public transport.

The Zorbs will be available from five locations in London from 5am until 10am for commuters to get into work along pre-determined routes. Zorbers can travel individually or in ‘double Zorbs’, big enough for two people.

We’ve picked some of the most popular work destinations in the capital, such as Square Mile, Shoreditch, London Bridge, Southwark and the West End and will have 3 Zorbs at each location.

As long as you begin at any of the pre-determined locations, you can choose which location you would like to travel to. Please state what route and time slot you would want to take on the form below.

Tina Benson, managing director at Team Tactics, said, “I think if you can walk to work, you certainly should, but it’s not so easy to convince people. To bring a bit of fun to National Walk to Work Day, we think Zorbing is another exciting way to tempt people off public transport to get active.

“Team Tactics offers Zorb-Olympics as a team building exercise and people just love it! It’s a fun way to exercise and a great way to travel, especially as London is so congested.”