At Team Tactics, we have a huge variety of events to choose from. We have chosen our favourite event ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ to be our event of the month for April. This activity is available anywhere in the UK, and can work as it’s own stand-alone activity.

Team Building

The Set-up

The amount of space required for this event really is dictated by the size of your team. Typically 20 would be the minimum and while there is no maximum, anything over 200 would require a little more careful planning. Either you can tell us the space in which we will set up, or we can source a venue for you.

The venue will need to contain chairs and tables for each of the teams, typically we set for teams which are between 4 and 8 in strength, and our hosts can do this while your teams are on a lunch break so as to aid you in getting the most out of your time.

Once the tables are set, if you have not already allocated teams to your guests, our hosts will greet them and guide them to their tables and make sure they are all comfortable. Once everyone is seated, you are ready to begin.

Team Building

The Beginning

We provide a charismatic host who will explain how the event works to everyone. Each team will have on their tables a mystery selection of props, the use of which will only become clear as you complete more challenges. However, the most critical piece of kit is one of our iPads; teams use these to answer questions and to take photos; we send these to you after the event to help make your team building event all the more memorable.

Team Building

The Main Event

It’s a race against the clock as teams have 80 minutes to earn as many points as possible. Not only must teams use the materials in front of them, but they must also visit one of our many ‘embassies’ which are located around the space. Here teams find special items which they must use to complete additional tasks, often with the help of one of our friendly hosts.

Team Building

The Finale

It’s always a mad rush as the giant countdown counter reaches zero. After we have ensured that pens, papers, iPads, Lego (and lord knows what else!) have been put down, we announce the winner and award the prizes. Teams that have been following the live scoreboard may think they know the result, but we like to throw in the occasional curve-ball by awarding bonus points to the teams that we feel are putting in the extra effort. We always like to end with a bang and not a whimper, one of our hosts will give an entertaining quick breakdown of the scores before finally announcing the winner.

This event is great fun all around, why not contact us for further details. 0203 905 1705 / [email protected]

We do, of course, also have a Christmas version