A Summer team building event bursting with flavour!

Team Building 5

Summer is here and it’s time to get the BBQ fired up …again. While there is nothing wrong with a BBQ, everyone has done that before. While our corporate cooking packages are very good, not everyone wants to spend team building time inside, especially not in summer; this is where our new event ‘Summer Paella Party’ comes into its own. This highly mobile event, which is particularly good for outdoor venues, may be just what you are looking for.

Team Building 5

Our experienced chefs start this event by greeting you with a light Tapas buffet which not only reminds your delegates what can be achieved, it also stops them from eating the ingredients! Once everyone has put on their pinnies, our friendly chefs set about imparting their knowledge to your colleagues.

Team Building 4

Your colleagues will learn about the history of Paella, the origins of it’s name and where it comes from. They will also be provided with the finest Spanish ingredients and taught how to get the most out of them which adds authenticity to the activity. After the cooking, our friendly cooks will become judges and give an appraisal (or otherwise!) of your colleagues’ efforts.

Team Building

While this all sounds very nice (and it is), you can turn this into a competition rather than a collaborative effort. We can adapt this to be as competitive as you like. Not only can you divide your groups into teams, you can have them race against the clock and work with limited ingredients. This all builds up towards the all-important taste test. Although there can be only one victor, everyone wins as they not only get to take home the skills that they have learned, but the Paella too (that is if they haven’t already eaten it!).

Team Building

Hopefully this has got you in the mood for Paella; if your next team building activity isn’t until winter – don’t panic! We can run this as an indoor activity at certain venues. Why not contact us for more details?

0203 905 1705 / info@teamtactics.co.uk

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