Explore Our Team Building Event of the Month: May 2018

Explore Our Team Building Event of the Month: May 2018

Dragon Boat Racing is a fantastic activity for teams that like to get physical (if you can’t, don’t worry, it is quite the spectacle and worth a watch!). Due to the nature of this event, only read on if you don’t mind getting wet…

You may have seen dragon boat racing in the media, if not, you’ll see enough photos in this blog to get an idea about how it works. You have a team of between 8-10 or 18-20 paddling to provide the power, a drummer to aide with the rhythm of the paddling, and a helmsman to steer; this is illustrated below:

Team BuildingWhile this may seem simple enough, it really isn’t, this activity is a great way to get your colleagues working together as a team. Even though only one boat will ultimately win, everyone is going to walk away having learned how to function as a single unit and they will have witnessed their group learning, adapting and improving as the day progresses. There are so many different aspects to get right: the angle and grip of the paddle, compensating for different physical abilities, getting the drumming right.

It may surprise you to learn that racing Dragon Boat racing has been an annual sporting event in China for around 2500 years. This not only makes this about the same age as the Olympic Games, it also means that it is one of the worlds’ longest continuous sporting competitions (unlike the Olympics which had a 1500 year gap). It finally got an international competition in 1995 and is currently among the fastest growing team water sports with clubs now in 100 countries. As it’s popularity is rising, why not join Team Tactics to make the most of this surprisingly historical event?

Team BuildingTeam Tactics is proud to offer this event in a variety of locations. If you want to stay central, we can do provide boats for you in Albert Docks and Surrey Docks. If you wish to immerse yourself in the activity, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we have some easily accessible locations in the greenery just outside of London; it is up to you. Whichever you choose: we would always recommend you take us up on our BBQ. Even if you don’t get wet, everyone will require energy and it might as well be of the delicious kind!

Contact us for further details. 0203 905 1705 / info@teamtactics.co.uk