Team buildingAt Team Tactics, we have a huge variety of events to choose from. We have chosen one of our newest events ‘Zorb-Olympics’ to be our event of the month for June. This activity is available anywhere in the UK and works well as its own stand-alone activity but can, of course, be combined with other options (like our Summer Paella Party).

The Set-up

This is an outdoor event. Typically we would ask you to join us at a prearranged time. Either we can source an outdoor area, or you can. Typically setting up takes around an hour and a half. It is important that the selected location either has parking there or in the immediate vicinity.

Team BuildingThe Event

This is a fantastic mixture of different events interlocking to maximise the use of your time. As an example, teams can rotate between:

School Sports Day – A fun mixture of all of the all time classics such as three-legged-race, egg and spoon race, (rubber) javelins. Although this is supposed to be a purely fun activity, this quickly becomes a hotbed of competitiveness.

Team Building

Giant Football Darts – This is a great opportunity to test your accuracy and have great fun to boot! At this station there is a giant inflatable dartboard with Velcro on it. You have to kick footballs at it, as they will stick there is no way to dispute your accuracy (or lack thereof!).

Team Building

Zorb Football – This is pretty much what it sounds like: delegates wear body zorbs and run around playing football. There are two ways to go about this: 1. Play football like civilised gentlemen. 2. Knock over the opposing team, then score by dribbling the ball in between them as they attempt to stand. It inevitably descends into the latter, and it never gets old watching the transition as people really start to take it to the limits.

Team Building

Not only are there the above options but you can also swap these out for something else, such as: Archery Tag, Hungry Hippos, Last Man Standing.

The Finale

Once we’ve totted up the scores, all that remains is to close the event by handing out medals and bubbly to the winning team. We then gather you all together for a big company photo (as below) and send you on your merry way with big smiles on your faces and grass stains on your clothes.

There are plenty of options for the Zorb-Olympics and you select which combination you would like for your personalised package, why not contact us for further details. 0203 905 1705 / [email protected]

Team Building