Team Building

When we say ‘Drones’ we’re talking about quadcopters, the little helicopters that we hope will soon be making deliveries direct to our doors. As with any new form of technology that moves, it didn’t take long for people to figure out that they can be raced against each other. The technology has now been miniaturised and the time is perfect to introduce ‘Drone Tech’tastic’ as our newest team building activity.

The Set-up

For this event you need a good sized room with a ceiling height of at least 2.5m. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, our team can help you find one and we’ll run through everything with you way ahead of time.

The Event

Due to the technical nature of this event, we have established the following ‘Drone Zones’ for your group to enjoy:

Zone 1 – Drone Build

Here you will be issued your drone – in kit from! Don’t worry if you’re not technically minded, our technicians are on hand to make sure your frame is airworthy.

Team BuildingZone 2 – Flight School

Our pilots will show you the ropes, you have the chance to practice flying not only by spotting from outside the arena, but also by wearing goggles which give you a first person view (FPV) from the drone’s perspective.

Team Building

Zone 3 – Obstacle Build

Here you build obstacles for the final race, we provide the materials and it is up to you to decide how difficult you make them. Will you be kind to your competitors or place faith in your flight team?

Team Building

Zone 4 – Tech Tactics

Here you will learn a little about the (short) history of drones, the underlying physics, their many uses, and the implications that their future use may have on our world.

Team Building

Zone 5 – The Race

This is what it’s all been building up towards, and it may sound simple enough save for a few snags: the pilot can’t see the drone, the person wearing the FPV goggles can’t touch the controls, and some so-and-so has built some really tough obstacles! Each team member must complete a lap against the clock and there can only be one winner.

Team Building

Drone Tech’tastic’ is a fantastic way of getting your teams to work very closely and is particularly good if you are trying to weld together teams that haven’t worked together before. As this event is so new, it is incredibly unlikely that anyone present will have done anything like this before. If you’d like your team building activity to stand out, this could be the one for you, contact us for further details: 0203 905 1750 / [email protected]