It is hard to make conferences engaging for all, however, our conference energisers are specifically designed to wake everyone up and get everyone involved. Below are some of our more popular conference energisers which are sure to get your team engaged.

Fast & Furious

This highly entertaining event makes use of model cars which delegates must assemble against the clock. It may sound simple enough, however, there are a few snags: the cars come disassembled, there is more than one car in the box and there are no instructions. Once they have all figured out what they are doing (and points have been awarded), teams have to work together to figure out how they are going to build their cars: production line or individual effort …against the clock!

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There aren’t many Maori Warriors out there, and even fewer over here. Luckily our Maori are some of the best at delivering truly memorable experiences which are guaranteed to get your delegates on their feet. Whether you want to forwarn you colleagues of what is about to unfold, or leave it as a shocking surprise, is up to you.

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Clap Happy

Don’t worry, we didn’t dream this up after a night of sitting around a campfire and singing Kumbaya. This energetic event is sure to engage even the more cynical amongst your group. Our instructors hand out rubber gloves of various colours and get your delegates to clap in-sync by colour. They build up the soundscape for a finale which is truly worthy of applause.

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Sword Showdown

Have you ever wondered how actors fight with lethal weapons without actually killing each other? Now is your chancewith our Sword Showdown! Our highly professional team comprises of trained actors and historical re-enactors. Their passion for their vocation shines through and will undoubtedly be imprinted upon your team. We aim to please and will teach your staff how to aim to miss!

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Bollywood Dancing

The West’s recent fascination with Bollywood may lead you to think that it is a relatively new phenomenon, it may surprise you to learn that this film industry is more than 100 years old. Their popularity is born of their fantastic colour pallets, catchy tunes, and elaborate dances. This activity can be customised for the skill and ability of your group and is a great way to get your delegates to shake off any conference-related drowsiness.

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All of our conference energisers are customisable. We can make them longer or shorter depending upon your needs. If you haven’t spotted something above that takes your fancy, why not contact us for more details: 0203 905 1750 / [email protected]