Team Building

Game of Zones

Team Tactics is proud to offer many different Treasure Hunts. Currently we offer our ‘Bright Lights of London’ hunt on the Southbank, in the City and also in the Covent Garden and Leicester Square area of London. In addition we frequently provide similar hunts in Maidstone, Canterbury and Brighton (we can customise the tech for any hunt location). However, it is with our two other types of hunt where we have gone that little bit further and integrated a physical kit bag which must be used along with the GPS technology to complete all the tasks: Olympic Challenge (new for 2018 and in the Olympic Park) and our ever popular Game of Zones. We currently provide the latter in 2 locations: Westminster or Tower Hill. Read on to find out what Game of Zones is all about.

Team Building

The Set Up

This is an outdoor event. However, it is always best to meet indoors and here you are presented with your first choice: we can either meet you at your offices or at a pre-selected location such as a pub. Either way, there must be a space large enough where our entertaining host can present to your group. If you don’t have a large enough space, don’t worry, we can find one for you.

Our host will arrive approximately half an hour before the event in order to make sure that everything is ready to go: that kit bags are ready, iPads fired up, and that any AV equipment is ready for the presentation.

The Opening Presentation

Our host will (hopefully) beguile and entertain your guests as they explain how the App works and how best to work together to achieve victory, this takes 5-10 minutes.

The Hunt

Once your teams have logged onto the system, and your event manager has seen that their iPad is working, they are free to go. Teams must make their way around our 4 zones: Ocean, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic. Here they must answer a selection of questions based upon their surroundings, general knowledge, related to the theme of the area or by using the contents of their kit bags. There are photo and video challenges throughout and these images will be sent to you the following day. Teams must make their way to an end location by an agreed time or points will be deducted. Typically, the photographs that teams take while out on the hunt will be on display as they arrive to meet your event manager.

Team Building

The Finale

Now it is time for the all-important results and prize giving! We tell teams to meet at a prearranged time and place (again, we can help with this). While teams will have been able to keep up with their scores by using our integrated live scoreboard system, their scores as they come in are not necessarily their final scores. Our hosts like to throw in the occasional curve-ball by awarding bonus points for certain photos and by deducting points for lateness. This all builds up to the awarding of medals for the winning team which they can use to remind their colleagues of the victory for the rest of your evening’s entertainment which, of course, we can also provide.

This is a fantastically entertaining team building activity that will lead your colleagues to view familiar parts of London in a new light. If sports are more your team’s kind of thing, then why not ask us about our newest hunt: Olympic Challenge. Contact us for more details: 0203 905 1750 / [email protected]