What is L&D?

Learning and Development is a HR strategy that is specifically focused on helping people learn new skills so that they’re motivated and productive at work. It is important to get the best out of a workforce to drive successful business performance and this can be achieved by developing management skills and capabilities.


benefits of learning and development

In a recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development it was discovered that L&D strategy is extremely aligned with the needs of the business in a quarter of organisations (Annual Survey Report, Learning and Development 2015, CIPD) demonstrating the importance of L&D on the overall business strategy for many companies.

Team Learning and Development provides an extra layer to an individual-centric L&D strategy. Team L&D is specifically focused on helping people learn new skills in teamwork so that the team can deliver the highest performance possible. This approach can be applied alike to short fixed-term project teams or any management teams tasked with a shared objective in all organisations.


Why choose L&D?

  1. 1. Improves Team Dynamics

  2. benefits of learning and development

Poor team dynamics can undermine the success of a project and reduce morale and engagement. As a result, the group may not explore options effectively and will more likely make the wrong choice. It is vital that a group understands how it can develop, therefore pre-empting any problems that could arise. Understanding each others’ preferences allows us to read our colleagues better, interpret more accurately their intentions and adapt our behaviour through training to the best mutually beneficial outcome.

L&D in Action – At Team Tactics we take an interest in the collective potential of all team members so that they can grow as a whole. Our Team L&D experiences determine the importance of team dynamics within the workplace through a variety of different activities.

Most Popular EventBuild a Brand ice cream making, teams must play to their strengths and recognise the skills of others to create a brand new ice cream product and brand.

  1. 2. Build Team Leadership Skills

    benefits of learning and development

Good leadership within a team tends to result in a motivated team with a clear direction while also having the ability to accept responsibility for mistakes or wrong decisions. The ability to lead effectively relies on a number of key skills, but it is also important to consider that different leaders have very different characteristics and styles. Team leadership development focuses not only on the impact that the leader makes on the team but also the way that the team responds to the leader, this can be achieved through skills development.

L&D in Action – Our team leadership challenges aim to develop emerging leaders to help them motivate, enthuse, build respect and have the ability to adapt through training to changing circumstances.

Most Popular EventGame of Zones – The Futuristic Zone, Ocean Zone, Medieval Zone and Industrial Zone test teams to their limits as they race against time to complete interactive and fun challenges in this iPad treasure hunt. The variety brings out natural differences between individual leadership styles and presents the opportunity for some seriously active learning.

  1. 3. Adds Value To Existing Team Building Events

Team building brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Team Learning and Development takes things to the next level with a much greater return on investment. In addition to the implicit benefits of a team bonding experience Team L&D highlights explicit interactions as multiple learning opportunities.

4. It Builds A High Performing Team

benefits of learning and development

Within a high performing team, team members feel inspired and understand that what they are doing is of great importance. In high-performing teams, differences are addressed quickly and directly requiring a level of maturity.

L&D In Action – Learning and development enables teams to develop their self-awareness, their understanding of others and to identify opportunities to turn good into great. Teams will share a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how to accomplish this goal together.

Most Popular EventThe Bigger Picture – Designed to allow participants to express themselves, The Bigger Picture provides a fun way to align vision by creating the necessity to understand each other’s interpretation of the vision clearly.

  1. 5. Increases The Chance Of Future Team Success

  2. benefits of learning and development

We all love a good ‘light bulb’ moment, they often provide us with valuable revelations about an inspiring idea that can be put to practice in the workplace. New ideas and creativity are the driving force for innovation and enables a successful future.


Employee learning and development not only provides benefits to the individual, but also to the business, helping it to continue running effectively. Staff are the key asset in driving businesses forward demonstrating the importance of constant development of team members.  

From graduate development, on-boarding programmes, induction training, board level strategy development to training development, team learning and development has a versatile approach which can be used in a variety of areas of businesses. At Team Tactics we apply our extensive experience to a number of different leadership training programmes. With over 22 years’ experience providing unique corporate events throughout London, we have built a strong portfolio of corporate events with guaranteed success.