We all know about the Wintertime blues: It’s cold, it’s wet, you only get to see the sun at the weekends, then there’s Christmas (Bah Humbug!); don’t even mention January. However the opposite is also true: This summer was great, but the oppressive heat and the children being at home all the time can wear on some. Even worse is when it’s over and you realise you shouldn’t have complained so much in the first place as you watch the rust slowly creep through the metalwork of your new BBQ. Luckily we’re here to help with and here are 6 fantastic team building activities to help you get you and your team back on track.

1. The Bigger Picture

This activity is a great way to leave a lasting impression. We break your team down into small groups, get them to don artistic overalls to protect their clothing, then give each team a canvas to work on. These small teams must then work together to complete activities to earn the paints and brushes that they’ll need to paint their canvas. Once they are done, the canvases are put together to reveal… ‘The Bigger Picture’. Most of our clients like to leave this on permanent display in their offices as a nice reminder of their team building event.

Team Building

2. Turbo Challenge

They say doing something new each day helps to keep your brain active (and you happier) and this event will certainly help you to see things from a completely different perspective. I imagine that you’ve probably walked along the Thames, maybe you’ve even been on a clipper; but have you ever been on a speedboat down it? We blast you down the Thames to a building that you’ve probably seen many times, but never stood on top of: the o2. After soaking in the view we escort you across to another exhilarating experience: the Emirates flight simulator. This 3-in-one activity is great value for money and is a truly unique day out.

Team Building

3. ARTrageous Graffiti

This event has its base in our trendy studio in Notting Hill but we can also bring it to you if you needs be. Don’t worry if you and your colleagues have never vandalised a building before, our experts are on hand to show you how. This is, of course, carried out in a controlled environment and if you wish you can spray onto canvas so you can take your efforts away with you afterwards. Don’t worry if you and your team are artistically challenged, we will show you the tips and tricks needed to paint a picture and not just daub a doodle.

Team Building

4. Corporate Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktails, I’m sure the word conjures images of the sophistication of a professional barman mixing the finest ingredients to produce an exquisite concoction, if so: this is the event for you. If not: join us and discover the joys of a well made cocktail for yourself. Our professional staff not only teach you how to make cocktails (which you then get to drink), but they also inject competition with our ‘Stig’ challenge: this highly competitive element sees the chosen few from your Teams going head-to-head to see who can make a cocktail the fastest …while blindfolded!

Team Building

5. Corporate Cooking

This tasty event is equally good for corporate entertaining and teambuilding. We like to inject a bit of competition by breaking your group into teams and awarding points for flavour, presentation, and teamwork. For larger groups we also include our ‘Team Taste Challenge’ where your delegates judge each other’s delicacies. Teams have to prepare a three course meal and are taught various tips and tricks by our professional chefs. Not only do you get to enjoy the food at the end of this event, we email you the recipes and hopefully you’ll have picked up a few techniques to take away.

Team Building

6. Drone Tech’tastic

This is one of our newer events (drones didn’t even exist when we were founded!). We take your teams through 5 drone zones where they learn how to build and pilot these miniature flying machines before they then construct obstacles for final race. The only snag with the obstacles is that both you and your competitors must traverse the same course. Will you be kind and make them easy, or will you place all your faith in your flight team?


These events are all designed to get your teams working together and to put a smile on everyone’s faces and these are just a few of team building activities that we offer. Contact us for more details: 0203 905 1705 / [email protected]