Our Merry Masterpiece event is a fantastic way to test your team this Christmas. Roll your sleeves up and get creative in some mini challenges before creating the ultimate masterpiece. This collaborative event will require teams to work together to ensure their final product fits together and creates something special. The teams will start with a few smaller challenges which will earn your group different materials which will all be needed in your final task.

There will be three zones which test you on your creativity, knowledge and physical abilities. The zones will include an array of challenges which will test your conceptual and spatial talents.

The Creative Zone

This will require your team to roll up the sleeves and get inventive. One minute you’ll be making pom poms and the next one of your team members will be wrapped up and transformed into a zombie!  Have you also got what it takes to master an origami boat, swan and frog? Sometimes it’s the simplest tasks which will catch you out, especially when it comes to making balloon models and paper aircrafts.Merry Masterpiece

The Mental Zone

Are you ready to test your knowledge, if so get those brains in gear for this challenge. Spot the Difference, Rubix Cubes and Name That Painting are only a few of the brain boggling tasks which you team will have to complete. You will also need to brush up on your currency and historical artist knowledge to get you all the available materials for your final masterpiece.

Merry Masterpiece

The Physical Zone

This zone will test your fitness in a variety of gruelling tasks such as planking and sit ups. Don’t worry though, there are still some fun based physical challenges, plate spinning and juggling, to test out your coordination.Merry Masterpiece

Teams will then come together in an exciting finale as they unveil the finished masterpiece. This is where all the canvases are joined together to create your bespoke bigger picture.

Do you like the sound of this fantastic event? If so then contact us for more details and we can answer any questions for you.

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Merry Masterpiece