A Year in the eyes of a Corporate Events Company

As we enter the new year, we start to reflect on the previous year in the eyes of a corporate events company. In this blog we will look at some of the outstanding figures that showcase how many events managed last year, the total number of participants, the number of medals awarded and why clients love using us as their event provider. It is our delight to announce that we have been nominated and shortlisted for the M&IT Awards 2019 for the Best Event Provider category.

Team Building


In 2018 we at Team Tactics managed over 500 events for clients ranging from luxurious hospitality days on a private yacht to corporate boxes, exquisite Michelin star dinner packages, bespoke eventsteam building events and finally adrenaline filled events to just let loose. We take pride in being able to create bespoke events tailored exactly to our clients needs.

Over the last year we have successfully managed events for over 15,000 participants and are proud say our clients absolutely love our events as we have been nominated as one of the finalists at the M&IT Awards 2019 for the Best Event Provider! Not only this but we know secretly everyone loves a bit of competition and throughout our 500+ events in 2018 we have given out over 1400 medals based on qualities and attributes such as teamwork, mental and physical challenges and leadership. One of the best examples that combines all of these qualities in one event is our Game of Zones GPS Hunt where you explore London in this fun fueled GPS Hunt that combines mental, physical and general knowledge challenges to reach the finish line and win within your teams.

Team Building

Throughout 2018 we have provided our clients with over 3500 photos! Through these photo’s our clients gain everlasting memories of successful office bonding and team building events which they have gone on to use on social media and as corporate seasonal cards.

If you are looking for your next company event that will leave an everlasting memory that people will talk about for years to come, then why not contact us today and let us create the perfect event for you.