In this article we will look into how this terrifying, awe inspiring and thrilling Maori tribal dance came to be. We will also be looking at the meaning behind the Haka, how it differs from tribe to tribe and why the Haka is one of our most sought-after events in our corporate summer parties. so whether you want an high adrenaline experience or a fun interactive corporate energiser we will have the event just for you. 


Event of the Month: HAKA


What is the Haka?

The Haka is an ancient Maori war dance originally used on the battlefield to strike fear into their enemies. Ironically this tribal dance was also used as a sign of peace as the tribesmen violently stamped their feet, giving off menacing looks and chanted loudly towards their honored counterparts.

A lot of the of the Haka chants can be performed freely by both men and women of the tribes but some of the actions such as Whetero (poking out of the tongue) are only allowed to be performed by the men. The Maori are extremely proud, passionate and protective over their heritage and Haka as each tribe has their own version they perform. One of the most notable Haka’s is the ‘Ka Mate’ which was created by the Ngāti Toa tribe and is performed in the international Rugby matches by the New Zealand All Blacks.


Event of the Month: HAKA


Why choose us for your Haka event?


Our Haka events are led by Maori Tribesman from the Ngāti Toa tribe that made the famous ‘KA MATE’ Haka, they will teach you the history, cries, chants and choreography used to correctly perform the Ka Mate chant. This is an honour to be able to be taught and perform the chant as the tribe elders only allow a very few select tribesmen to showcase and teach it to outsiders.

This high energy adrenaline fueled energiser is the perfect way to give your corporate summer party that ROAR that people will be talking about for years to come.

Not only do we have numerous 5 star ratings and reviews but we have hosted the Haka to the royals at the Invictus Games. 

Event of the Month: HAKA


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Please Note – Due to popularity of this event it is highly advisable to book quite far in advance.

Many of our clients choose the Haka to either kick start their corporate summer event or to end the event with a bang. This is a great way to ensure your attendees are raring to go all through the event or leave them with ever lasting memories as the Ka Mate war cries boom through the air to close the event.

We at Team Tactics have something for every occasion so if the Haka doesn’t fit with your corporate event then please do give us as call on 0203 905 1750 or contact us now so we can arrange something that will.

Event of the Month: HAKA