This month we are looking at one of my favourite events… Game of Zones. This fun filled GPS activity lasts around 3 hours and utilises teamwork to overcome physical, mental and skill-based challenges across 4 different zones throughout London…. the Industrial Zone, Oceanic Zone, Futuristic Zone and Medieval Zone.

You have the choice of 2 different locations across London each one tailored to a different experience. 

  • – Tower Bridge GPS to suit a group that wants more of a city experience taking in the sights such as the Shard, Gherkin, Heron and City hall.
  • – Westminster GPS to suit a group that wants more of a tourist sightseeing experience to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye.

During this activity we provide each team with an iPad and a bag with a variety of items inside to accomplish set tasks. Teams not only have the ability to message each other using the in-app messaging feature but they can see each other live on the map. Once the teams reach a certain amount of points the end location is revealed where the teams have to be at at a certain time to find out the results and showcase each teams’ pictures. 

Within each zone there are a variety of challenges that teams can earn points by either taking pictures or entering the answers. The more creative the picture the higher potential for bonus points earned. At half time we turn the live scoreboards off, so teams do not know who has won. This competitive GPS hunt is great to build working relationships and mix up different departments to really get to know each other. Not only will this build better relationships, but it also brings out different people’s strengths and personality which doesn’t always appear in the work place. 

A perfect example of perfectly executed teamwork is the nail and wood challenge. In this challenge you have to perfectly balance 8 nails on a block of wood and successfully get a picture as proof of this achievement. This task brings in attributes such as strategical planning, patience and communication to overcome this task.

We have just launched our new indoor version of Game of Zones with a variety of new activities all still based around the 4 zones, but we can come to you. This indoor version focuses on tightknit teamwork to overcome obstacles as you race to beat the other teams for the most points around the futuristic, oceanic, industrial and medieval zones.

This new indoor Game of Zones event really isn’t one you want to miss so why not contact us today and arrange your next team building activity.

If GPS hunts aren’t really your thing then we at Team Tactics have a huge variety of team building activities to ensure we have something for everyone. so why not give us a call today on 0203 905 1750 or contact us here