This month we are looking at one of my favourite events… Inside Game of Zones. This fun filled GPS activity lasts around 3 hours and utilises teamwork to overcome physical, mental and skill-based challenges across 4 different zones… Industrial Zone, Oceanic Zone, Futuristic Zone and Medieval Zone. Be prepared to get hands on as you utilise your GPS map to locate and overcome a variety of challenges that include obstacles, futuristic cyphers and puzzle boxes to earn your team points.

Inside Game of Zones is the perfect way to combine one of our most popular activities into a completely different indoor experience whilst ensuring the foundations of the game and excitement is kept within.

So, what is so different about Inside Game of Zones?

Inside Game of Zones is a drastically different experience than our outside version Game of Zones, the biggest difference is the sheer range of interactable items and challenges that teams must overcome. By utilising each teams iPad this multi layered interactive game will immerse you in a world where we take you through the ages with the Futuristic Zone, Ocean Zone, Medieval Zone and Industrial Zone. A perfect example is visiting the medieval zone where teams can interact with the medieval chest to get your hands on with relics of old to try and work out what the items were used for.

Compete against other teams as you earn points to see which team will rule the four kingdoms and take their rightful place as champions.


Why choose Inside Game of Zones for your next team building activity?

Inside Game of Zones is a great way to improve morale, working relationships and general team building. The tasks are focused on including all team members as they are integral parts of the team both in this task and outside during working environments.

Team Tactics help with the realisation that no matter the person or seniority only when we work together, we can work efficiently and achieve our goals.

If Inside Game of Zones doesn’t tickle your fancy then we at Team Tactics also offer a variety of other exciting team building activities whether you want more of a physical activity such as It’s a knockout or Zorb Olympics, or maybe more of a morale booster as you all overcome seemingly impossible obstacles such as Fire Walking.

No matter the choice we have options to suit your needs so why not contact us to arrange your next Team Building activity.