What is Team Building?

Team building can be described as the way in which a group of individuals work together and establish a greater sense of cooperation to develop a productive team.

what is team building

Team building is a key part of the development of successful organisations as many functions of companies are largely dependent on teamwork.

Why is Team Building Important?

Team Building serves as a reward for a team’s effort and achievement along with the following benefits:

1.Team building provides extra motivation for employees. If everyone in the team takes part in a fun, participative activity it can provide the group with a mental and psychological boost as it is a change from the day to day routine. This can refresh teams for any future challenges.   

2.Improved team spirit can result from a shared team building experience and can successfully build personal and professional understanding.

3.Improved functioning is a common outcome of team building activities as they require the team to work together, mentally, physically or just by encouraging each other.

what is team building

Staff Wellbeing

For many of us, a large proportion of our day and week is spent at work. It is therefore obvious that your job can have a big impact on your quality of life. Even in the 21st century the concept of employee wellbeing isn’t always seen as an important matter. This is when team building activities become a really important part of day to day life at work. Experience has shown us that if there is a higher level of uniqueness to an activity it generates a higher interest and therefore has a much greater effect on staff wellbeing. Perhaps the most important decision when prioritising staff wellbeing is the choice of activity, you need to ensure that the event is suitable for each team member allowing them to play to all individual strengths.      

How do you run a successful Team Building event?

  • Preparation: The essential elements of event preparation include the day’s itinerary, directions & what to wear. This will make a big difference to those attending and help them to feel relaxed about the event. A site visit can also be extremely beneficial.
  • Brief: It is recommend that you have a clear idea about what you would like to achieve through your team building event in order to choose the most suited event.
  • Different Personalities: Things such as gender and age along with personalities can have a huge impact on your activity choice. At Team Tactics we always try to learn a little more about your group dynamic in order to suggest activities that would be ideal for you.
  • Any Restrictions: If you have already chosen a venue for your conference or away day it is is important to consider any restrictions the venue may have to limit your choice of team building events. For example we wouldn’t recommend a drumming event if there is a formal conference taking place in the room adjacent to yours!

what is team building

What is Team Building at Team Tactics?

Team Tactics provide a very wide range of team building activities suitable for corporate team building with bespoke tailoring to match your requirements. Whether it be finding new ways for the team to interact, encouraging creativity, improving morale, or an alternative fun-filled day out of the office in and around London there is a whole range of indoor and outdoor team building activities available. From corporate cooking to circus skills and everything in between, we love creating quirky team building events.

We have team building activities to suit all types of requirements. Two of our top team building activities are our Bright Lights of London Treasure Hunts and our fun self-drive canal treasure hunt Canal Clue Quest which enable employees to work together in a fun and relaxed environment.

what is team building

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