The Nitto ATP finals is the seasons- ending main event. The participants are all men and they are the highest-ranked singles players and doubles from the ATP tour. The event itself is the highest tier of annual men’s tennis tournament after the four Grand Slam. This spectacle event is held over a week.


Where Is The ATP Held And How Do I Get Involved?

This amazing event is held at the O2 Arena in London and will take place from the 10th to the 17th November 2019. This event has been annually held in London but from 2021 it will be moved to Turin, Italy. They will then hold the ATP Finals from 2021-2025. London will miss such a fantastic sporting event. Want to get involved? here at Team Tactics we can get you in on all the outstanding action. The match Private Suite and hospitality options offer fine food and drink with excellent views of the games.

How Many People Watch This Event And Who Won Last Year?

This spectacular event is watched by millions! In 2018 the event over the eight days was watched and attended by approximately 243,819. 2017 saw a breaking record of 4.5 million people both watching and attending the event. This was and still is the best record to date.

Last year’s winner was Alexander Zverev at the young old age of 22 he was the first German to win the ATP final since 1995 back when Boris Becker won it. What an amazing achievement to win against Novak Djokovic, he also beat Roger Federer in the semi-finals.

Rafael Nadal is currently the first to qualify for the 2019 ATP, keep an eye out for the rest of the players to qualify. It is sure to be an exciting competition; we are very lucky to be able see the world’s best men’s tennis players compete. A Schedule of the games will be realised once all players have qualified.   

rafael-nadal- ATP


How Do I Get Involved?

Don’t miss your chance to experience such high-quality sporting action. We can help you with just that! We offer full days of outstanding tennis; this is the ideal event to entertain VIP clients and your staff or you could simply enjoy the action with friends. The match Private Suite and hospitality options offer amazing food and drink with brilliant views of the action. Get in touch now! Our team of hospitality experts are here to answer any questions you may have.

Who Currently Are The Worlds Top 5? (info correct 10/11/2019)

  1. Djoliovic
  2. Nadal
  3. Federer
  4. Medvedev
  5. Thiem

Who will come on top this year? Who knows, lets watch, wait and see. Good luck to all involved.