Your Complete Guide to Oktoberfest

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest drinking festival! It mainly consists of drinking lots of beer. What’s not to like! Sounds like our kind of event. The event is annually held in  Munich believe it or not the event runs for 16 – 18 days. The event has always run from mid or late September to the first Sunday in October. With more than Six Million people from around the world attending. It’s a pretty big deal!

Oktoberfest has been held since the year 1810, that’s 209 years of drinking beer on an annual occasion. You can see why it is important to the Bavarian culture. Cities across the world come together to celebrate this amazing event. As you can imagine large quantities of beer is consumed during the event. According to records on the 16th day in 2013 7.7 million Litres were served. That’s a lot of beer!


Your Complete Guide to Oktoberfest

Your 101 Guide!

Don’t worry you don’t have to get on a flight to Munich to enjoy this incredibly fun event. Since 2011 London has been the host to the amazing London Oktoberfest. With more than 50,000 guests each year, it is the biggest in the UK.

The event is held over three different locations please see below,

1 Your Locations and dates

  • Millwall Park – located close to the City next to Canary Wharf.

WEEK ONE: 3rd – 6th October & WEEK TWO: 10th – 13th October  

  • Olympia London in West Kensington

24th – 26th October

  • City Central at the HAC:

15th – 16th October

2 Dress up!  Dirndl Dresses and Lederhosen are fully encouraged. This is Traditional Bavarian Tracht. You don’t have to dress up but it’s fun and the clothing plays a big part in the event.

3 Pace Yourself – Of course, this is a drinking festival and drinking is fully encouraged but please take care while you do.

4 Dance like it’s your last night! –We want to see all guest on the dance floor showing us your best moves. Dance offs are permitted, and Dad dancing is fully encouraged.

5 Have Fun! – It’s hard not to have fun but do enjoy yourself. It is a beer and food festival after all!

6 Food – Do not forget to try the amazing food on offer. There will be Würstl (sausages), Schweinebraten (roast pork), Würstl (sausages) and plenty more.  


Your Complete Guide to Oktoberfest

How Do I Get Involved?

Drop us and email or give us a call today. Our London Bierfest is held at The Old Billingsgate Market, London. It is held on the 17th – 18th October. An event that can’t be missed.

The Bierfest is a very popular event, it’s a must attend corporate event in the heart of London City. Over 2,100 participants! All have enjoyed this amazing event and the feedback has been outstanding. This event is always a sell-out.

Call us today!

Your Complete Guide to Oktoberfest