Christmas comes around so quick, with less then two months to go until we are all sat round a fire eating and drinking with our loved ones. Before we do all go off into holiday mode, Christmas also allows us to thank our wonderful employees and colleagues. Here are our top 6 office activities for large groups this Christmas.


6 Office Christmas Party Activities for Large Groups


Crystmas Maze

It’s fun and it’s exciting. This event is a high-tech GPS hunt using the best technology. Each team will be given an iPad and then will have the opportunity to take London by storm. They will have three hours to complete the challenges.  All questions and challenges are Christmas related.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Cocktail

This is the perfect cocktail master class to help get you all in the mood for Christmas. This is the best event if you are looking for something different and a great opportunity to be out the office. This event provides a fun atmosphere, where you will create your own delicious cocktails. 

Festive Journey Around the World

Take a trip around the world. Don’t stress no planes need to be taken. This unique event takes place under one roof. Using iPad’s your team must explore each country and answer various questions and tasks. There will be several opportunities for team photos throughout which are the perfect memento.


6 Office Christmas Party Activities for Large Groups


Santa’s Drone Drop, for tech lovers!

Santa’s slay is broken and it’s your job to save Christmas! You and your team will use a drone to get all the presents out and down the chimneys. Not only will you control the drone, but you will also learn how to BUILD one.  

Christmas Disco Party

This is an amazingly fun event! Not only do you dance the night away, but it is an interactive game hosted by us. Colleagues and clients will be treated to an evening of outstanding entertainment. Teams are brought together for a night of musical fun. The best part about this event is the amazing wigs you can wear or have fun with many of the props available.   

Christmas Carol Chaos

If you are looking for something that will get you all up and go this is the event for you. This is an exciting workshop where Christmas Carol Chaos is driven by the fun factor with powerful backing vocals to encourage even the most reluctant of singers. It’s an event that is perfect to help get into the Christmas spirit.

I want a Christmas party for our office?

We have over 50 Christmas events so please do get in contact with us and we can run you through them. If the six mentioned above don’t tickle your fancy, then please do give us a call on 02039051750. Bespoke events can also be discussed.


6 Office Christmas Party Activities for Large Groups