The party season is upon us. We understand it can be hard to sometimes come up with ideas for the office party, especially if you are a small business. Dinner and drinks down your local are always a good idea but have you ever thought about doing something different and much more exciting? Well if you haven’t then please carry on reading because here is our 5 Christmas party ideas for a small business. They are super fun and exciting and can get everyone involved.

5 Christmas Party Ideas for Small Businesses


Christmas Party Idea Number One

Santa’s Day In The Country – We have an amazing venue set in the Oxfordshire countryside with 250 acres of wooded estate land and features an idyllic 18th century barn offering the perfect venue for your office Christmas lunch! This venue is perfect for those great outdoor activities, wrap up warm and enjoy what we have on offer. We have several activities to choose from and all accommodated with a three-course meal. An example of some of our activities include Blindfold Driving, Hovercraft Driving and Archery.


Christmas Party Idea Number Two

Shop, Chop and Be MerryIt’s a cocktail class with a twist. You will be given a cash budget to shop for the ingredients you need for your cocktail.  All ingredients will be brought from London Borough Market, the finest around. After you have made the cocktails the events is topped off with a tantalising buffet menu. This event is perfect for those who enjoy cocktails and shopping!

Christmas Party Idea Number Three

Chisel All The Way This is not your ordinary event. This amazing event gives you and your colleagues the chance to carve your very own ice. This is a hand carving workshop and is hands on. It’s perfect to get you into the Christmas spirit. Our workshops are suitable for between 10 – 200 participants and lasts approximately 60 minutes (otherwise your masterpiece will melt!). 

5 Christmas Party Ideas for Small Business


Christmas Party Idea Number Four

Yuletide On The ThamesAn event that you won’t forget. Our Thames Power Blast gives you the chance to see the sites of London in a fast and speedy power boat. It is super fun and super-fast!  The speed boats were used for the Olympic Opening Ceremony, you can also enjoy a Gordon Ramsey gastro pub The Narrow for a wonderful Christmas lunch on the banks of the River Thames.  

Christmas Party Idea Number Five  

Christmas Rickshaw RallyTake a chance and have a magical ride in one of our amazing Rickshaw. You will be put in a team of two and will be up for the rickshaw Rally. This is a fast past and very fun activity. London looks it’s best covered with Christmas lights and tress. Taken our Rickshaw Rally and you will get to see London all dressed up.

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If you would like to make an enquiry about any of these events, please do get in touch today with our team of experts. Bespoke packages are available and if none of these Christmas events sound like you then we have over 50 events to choose from.


5 Christmas Party Ideas for Small Business