Recognising your employers hard work and providing a good working environment will allow a business to run successfully and you will have a strong team ethic. Being a good team player and creating an environment where staff are motivated is becoming more and more important to business.

When you have a small business, it is important to keep staff motivated, not only does it increase productivity, help with ongoing employee development and improved employee satisfaction but it also helps to improve the overall goals of a business. Imagine having a staff member who was not motivated. Motivating your employees needs to be a regular routine. Here at Team Tactics we are big advocates for staff motivation. Our favourite thing to do is to create and provide team building and fun business events that will keep the staff entertained. Here are five ways to keep your team members motivated and willing to work hard.

Trick or Treat – Five Ways To Keep Your Staff Motivated This October

1. Communication Is Key

Communication must be one of the most important factors in any relationship. After all this is something we learn to do from birth. It is how we communicate with each other on a day to day basis. Within a company it is important to talk to your staff and be sure to listen to them, communication is a two-way thing and will only work when both parties involved are doing their part. Listen to your staff whether they are talking about news ideas or are struggling with a task. Building a relationship with you staff means a better team bond. Ask questions about their weekends or you could be talking to the staff about the business and how well it is doing. Remember it is important to listen!

2. Everyone wants to work in a Friendly Environment

Working in a good and fun environment can do a lot for office moral. Make sure to have good team players that would have built professional relationships. You may be thinking how can I achieve this, well you should consider planning a team bonding activity outside of the workplace, as this will allow the whole team to get to know each other in a different way and they will develop stronger bonds and create new ones.

3. Recognise Successes

Recognise and celebrate your team’s success when they have done something great. Recognising your teams’ successes is an amazing way to motivate staff and to push them to boundaries. It will motivate staff to strive and will give your team members confidence in what they are doing. It is important to recognise the little things as well as the big successes your staff do, this will make a difference to your business’s success, this will make your staff feel valued therefore making you a good boss. If your team do something great, then reward them with a lunch or drinks. Little acts like this help give your team members an incentive to work hard meaning workplace productivity is encouraged.

4. Be a good leader

Lead your staff by example and be a good team leader. People follow by example and if you are setting good, fun and healthy vibes people will follow. This could be as small as getting to work on time, working hard with any given task and listening to your staff. You also must show motivation and be passionate about what you are doing this will again encourage your staff members to do the same.

5. Incentives work wanders

Everyone loves an incentive. Employees work better when they have something to work to or know that if they work hard, they are rewarded. This could be anything from lunch, drinks to a day out. Healthy competition within the office is always encouraged. You could theme your weekdays and tie it in with food, for example cake Wednesdays where everyone must bring in a cake or if you wanted something healthy it could be healthy snacks. Whatever you decide to do just know that incentives work wanders and encourage staff to work at their best and work hard.

Trick or Treat – Five Ways To Keep Your Staff Motivated This October (3)

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Trick or Treat – Five Ways To Keep Your Staff Motivated This October (3)