My First Month at TT


My first month at TT has been very exciting and very busy. I am on the go, travelling a lot, and meeting new people every day which I love. These aspects of the job are what attracted me to it in the first place, and the company itself has proven itself to be fun, exciting and engaging.

I am a very positive person, therefore, to be surrounded by people who are constantly looking at different ways to reward and motivate employees is a really great environment I feel I can thrive in. I really feel at home in this new team after only one month, so to be able to work for them and bring a new energy to the team is a fantasist feeling.


My First Month at TT


What It Is Like To Be An Event Manager? Fantastic!

No day is the same for me, each of the events I have worked on so far have been exciting and unique. I love how our purpose is to bring people together and watch them grow together as a team. It’s nice to see people who work with each other all day every day, build much stronger bonds through fun and challenging games. Seeing initially quiet characters come out of their shell and become highly competitive is always rewarding, and the energy of the teams is always one of positivity. I feel that our events are a place in time where people can really be themselves and pull out their strengths in a supportive and encouraging environment, a reflection of the company ethos towards its own employees.

In the past month I feel I have already learnt so much, including how to interact effectively with groups of 100+, bringing me a newfound sense of confidence. I used to be a wedding event manager, and therefore I am used to long and unpredictable event days, however working in corporate team building events there is a buzz I have not felt before, and endeavour to keep buzzing! Thanks TT.

My First Month at TT


We often get asked about our events and people are always surprised to hear that we do over FIFTY different events. I can safely say we have something for everything so head over to our website now and have a look for yourself. Some of my favourite events are as followed, GPS treasure hunts, Animation Nation, Disco and Bond Trivia Themed Nights, Around the World in 80 Minutes and Wild Wipeout. Get in contact today!

My first Month at TT