How old is Team Tactics?

24 years old!

How did Team Tactics start and where did the idea come from?

I worked at Kent County Cricket Club as their Marketing and sales Manager. I worked there for 5 years. I had a beautiful Cocker Spaniel called Millie and at the time I was looking for a new career and challenge. I also knew that I did not want to leave Millie at home alone for eight hours. So, I had no other option other then to start my own company.

What was Team Tactics greatest success in its first year?

It never needed any major business funding and it was a success from day one. I had a enough money to pay myself a salary. It was a success from the start! 

How many employees did you have in the first year and how many do you have now?

We started with two and now we have 45 and three dogs.

What is the origin of the company’s name?

I was talking with a friend / client in an agency in London and we came up with the name Tactics. However as my vision was to bring employees and clients together, my friend suggested Team and so Team Tactics was born.

What is your favourite event currently and why?

Inside Game of zones because it took a lot of hard work and dedication to create. A lot of time, planning and manufacturers. It’s kind of like my baby! I love how it has aspects of the Crystal Maze and it’s an event that challenges multitudes of the mind.

Interview with Tina CEO and founder of Team Tactics