Melissa Whitehead – Event Manager & PA to Managing Director
How long have you worked for Team Tactics?

9 Years 9 months

What’s been your biggest highlight?

There have been many work highlights in my years here, glowing reports from clients regularly for providing and arranging events that bring teams together but my biggest highlight at work would have to be when our office dog had a litter of pups it was an amazing experience and we were all allowed to be involved.

What do you love most about working for Team Tactics?

They are a great company to work for, very flexible with appointments/school for my daughter and always supporting me as a friend and an employee. Great fun office to work in and I don’t think there are many companies like this anymore and in return they get the best from there staff.

What’s your favourite event and why?

Well we offer so many great events, so this one is tricky but if I had to choose one event it would have to be Thriller. The costume, make up and dance is just superb.

If you were hosting a dinner party who would be your special guest? You can have anyone past or present.

On that note I would have to say Michael Jackson.

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