It’s always a difficult decision to decide what to get your fellow work colleague for this year’s Secret Santa. Do you get them something funny and slightly humiliating or do you go for something classic and cute and something you 100% know they are going to like? What do you do if you get someone you have never spoken to or worst someone you know well; the pressure is huge. You also don’t want it getting traced back to you but let’s face it these things are never much of a secret.

Panic over, we have found some of the best secret Santa’s and some terrible secret Santa’s.

Below are the best and worst Secret Santa’s. These are all gifts that are most likely to be bought for work colleague’s and I have stuck with a price range of no more than £10. It would be lovely if the budget was bigger but most secret Santa’s in the office usually do not have a budget that exceeds over this.

We have divided them up to three the good section and then three terrible.

6 Best & Terrible Secret Santa Ideas For The Office

Six Of The Best Secret Santa’s

  • Alcohol – You know where to get Alcohol from.
  • Salt and pepper shakers – B&M sell some great ones and they are cheap.
  • A book of jokes – These can be found in a Waterstones and coast anywhere from £6:00 and up.
  • Sweets – everyone loves sweets
  • Captain Fawcett Private Stock Beard Oil – only £10:00 from Selfridges great present for those with beards in the office.
  • Amazon printable gift voucher – Best gift to give someone if you are unsure as to what they like.

Six Terrible Secret Santa’s To Get For Your Co-Workers

  • A set of cards containing ideas for ‘Things to do before you die’ given to an older member of the team
  • A prank in which someone had faked a dog rehoming certificate and let them believe they were waiting for a new pet
  • a box full of coal
  • A bag with a piece of paper in it saying Gift not included.
  • Office Supplies – Its boring
  • A box of rotting vegetables – This is just mean and a waste of food.

6 Best & Terrible Secret Santa Ideas For The Office

What’s The Best Way To Get To Know Someone?

The best way to get to know anyone and get a better idea of what to gift them with is to find out what they like and what their interests are.  Ask them questions and go and talk to co-workers you may not have necessarily talked to before.  Get to know someone new every day or at least get to know someone a little bit more then you already did. Set yourself a challenge this week and speak to someone in the office that you have never spoken to before.

How can we organise an event for the office?

This is a perfect way to bring the office together and celebrate the Christmas period, it can also be another way to thank your employees for all their hard work over the year. Its the perfect opportunity to get people together and celebrate. Get in contact today to discuss your Christmas party.