Courtney-Rae Stubbington – Hospitality Sales Executive
How long have you worked for Team Tactics?

I’ve been at Team Tactics for 2 years. Responsibilities include event admin and assistant to Charles Bird.  During the summer months, I also focus on our sport hospitality events.

What’s been your biggest highlight?

I had a client who was responsible for organising a large corporate booking at The Epsom Derby. We were in contact for nearly a year and the final confirmed number was over 100 people. There was lots of back and forth with the client wanting a fully inclusive package but on the day the client had the best possible time. The sun was shining, lots of champagne flowing and even some money won! I even got a cheeky tip from the MD 😊


What do you love most about working for Team Tactics?

The opportunity to go to numerous sporting events throughout the year and meet our clients face to face. We’re also a small office so no two days are the same and everyone takes on more than one job role to help each other when needed.

What’s your favourite event and why?

For sport it would have to be the rugby or horseracing! I’m a big fan and the atmosphere is always electric. For team building, I love our gps treasure hunts. Everyone always gets really involved and the pictures they take are always humorous and clients always find these a great highlight.

If you were hosting a dinner party who would be your special guest? You can have anyone past or present.

I would need to have someone who brings laughter to the table so definitely a comedian like Miranda Hart but would love James Cordon.


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