Christmas is the time for food and lots of it. We tend to eat the same types of food every year in the UK from Turkey, Gammon, Vegetables and the desserts like Christmas pudding. Have you ever wondered what everyone else eats? We live in a beautiful world with thousands of different types of foods and traditions. Here you can find a list and description of some of the wonderful and different foods eaten at Christmas time.

Unusual foods from around the world At Christmas Time


First on our list we are heading to Norway with Roasted Sheep’s Head. – That right a sheep’s head roasted! Also known as Smalahove, this is quite a normal centrepiece for a Nordic Sunday dinner, especially right before Christmas. The head is soaked and then dried and salted.


This is essentially a dressed herring salad, but the colloquial name is much more descriptive. It’s a typically festive salad served in Russia and consists of herring, onion, boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs and beetroot. The herring sits in the centre, covered in the ‘furry’ layer of vegetables.


Kentucky Fried Chicken obviously is not that weird, but it’s an odd one for Christmas day. In Japan apparently, they love Kentucky fried chicken and a staggering 3.6million Japanese families feast on KFC every year. The KFC special Christmas Dinner even has to be ordered in advance in some Japanese chains. This odd tradition came about because Japan hadn’t previously celebrated Christmas with one particular dish. KFC were very clever with their marketing and it allowed them to fill the Christmas tradition void.

Unusual foods from around the world At Christmas Time


A typical Australian Christmas dinner consists of cold ham and turkey, seafood, salads, trifle and pavlova to suit the summer warmth. This feast is served up on Christmas Day. To snack on, Aussies love nothing more than a delicious mince pie. Other treats include rum balls, gingerbread and Christmas pudding.


On Christmas Eve, the extended family join for roast turkey stuffed with ground beef and peanuts and decorated with fresh slices of pineapple and cherries. The turkey is served with roast potatoes and apple sauce. After dinner Peruvians will get stuck into panettone and a cup of thick hot chocolate.


In Southern Italy and Italian American regions, Christmas Eve is associated with the “Feast of the Seven Fishes”. A typical seafood feast will include anchovies, whiting, lobster, sardines, dried salt cod, squid and mussels. This is served with pasta, vegetables, fried kale patties and homemade wine.

Unusual foods from around the world At Christmas Time

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