The commute to work can be tiring and boring, whether your commute is only 15 minutes or 2 hours we all feel the strain of this repetitiveness. The dream would be to walk less then 10 minutes to work but let’s face it a lot of us have at least an hour or so of travel to work. Below is five ways to turn your boring commute into productive activity and more.


5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained On Your Commute.


  1. Learn A Language – Beyond thousands of podcasts and audio books there are many, many platforms that enable you to learn a language. There is no time like the present to start to learn something new and there is nothing like learning a new language that you can show off when you next go on holiday to your favourite country. There are many benefits to learning a language some being that a foreign language provides more career choices and it also enhances listening skills and memory.


  1. Plan and schedule your days, weeks and months – What better way to get organised than using your time to plan and schedule your upcoming days. This could be from work dates to those all-important weekends away with your friends. Your commute provides the perfect time to get yourself organised. Use your time wisely.


  1. Catch up with Friends and Family – We all have very busy lives especially with the fast-paced city life sometimes you find that you haven’t spoken to close family in friends in a couple of weeks or so. Time can fly when you are very busy! Your commute provides the perfect time to wind down and catch up with family and friends. If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents then give them a call, see how they are. Call that long-distance friend and make plans. It’s good to stay in touch with your favourite people, it keeps you happy and healthy.

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained On Your Commute.

  1. Catch up on your favourite TV show / Podcasts – It’s not everyone’s favourite activity but a great wind down is watching TV. Find a show or TV series that you can get into and enjoy on your commute. This way you can watch it when you like, and you don’t have to wait for someone to get in from work to continue watching your favourite show. It’s a great way to pass the time. Podcasts are another great way to pass time and there are thousands to choose from. A great way to have a bit of you time.


  1. Do Nothing just be with your thoughts – Sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself with busy work weeks and weekends spent catching up with life in general. You could take advantage of the time spent on you commute to simply just turn off and be with yourself. This could be from meditation or listening to relaxing music that can help bring you down to a relaxed state of mind.


You may already enjoy your commute but if you know someone who doesn’t then you could always pass on these tips. Here at Team Tactics we love to learn, build relationships and have a proactive attitude to life. If you are looking for Team Building events to help bring these aspects out more into the office then why not check out our, London Team Building Treasure Hunt, Canal Clue Quest, Wild Wipeout and Robot Wars.

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained On Your Commute.