The Six Nations Championship is an annual international Rugby tournament between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. These are currently the six highest-ranked teams in Europe however this competition is based on historical membership not ranking. The Championship starts in February and ends in March. The Six Nations is the oldest rugby tournament with its first game taking place in 1882 back then it was formed between four British nations. France joined in 1910 and Italy in 2000.

10 Things you didn’t know about the Six Nations Championship.

  1. Did you know that before 1994 if teams were equal on match points, they had to share the championship title. 1973 was the year that there was a five-way tie, with each side winning two matches and losing two. Like they say sharing is caring!


  1. The Calcutta Cup is presented to the winner of the England versus Scotland. The Trophy is made from 50,000 melted down Indian rupees.


  1. Twickenham Stadium will sell around 160,547 pints of beer at each match so this year over the two games played at Twickenham there will be around 321,094 pints sold!


  1. There are 7 other titles and trophies to be won during the tournament. They are as followed Grand Slam:When one team beats all others in the competition, winning all their matches. Triple Crown: Won by England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, if one nation wins all three matches against the others. Calcutta Cup: Awarded to the winner of England versus Scotland. Millennium Trophy: Awarded to the winner of England versus Ireland. Centenary Quaich: Awarded to the winner of Scotland versus Ireland. Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy: Awarded to the winner of France versus Italy. Wooden Spoon: Awarded to whoever finishes last in the competition.


  1. In the 138-year history that the competition has been running there have only been 14 years that the competition has been called off or not completed. This has been due to World Wars or escalating political unrest.

10 Things you didn’t know about the Six Nations Championship.

  1. Winners!! Wales hold the overall record, with 39 titles. 27 outright and 12 shared. England holds 38 (not far behind) with 10 shared victories. However, England do hold the record for outright wins with 28. Since the Six Nations era started in 2000, only Italy and Scotland have failed to win.


  1. Twickenhamis the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world! It holds a capacity of 82,000.


  1. In 2019 England’s heaviest player was Harry Williams weighing in at 132kg. He plays as prop and made three appearances off the bench last year.


  1. In 1816 a pupil called William Webb Ellis decided to pick the ball up during a football match and this is where Rugby was born. As the School was called Rugby in Warwickshire the name was given after the school.


  1. The Six Nations trophy is made from sterling silver and is worth around £55,000. Before 1993 there was no physical trophy, it seems bizarre that no trophy was presented before this time, but that is just how the format went. 


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10 Things you didn’t know about the Six Nations Championship.