With St Patrick’s day next week, it is something to look forward to and something to celebrate. With so much doom and gloom in the press this is something positive and exciting to look forward to. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17, this day is observed as a religious day by the Irish and has been celebrated for over 1,000 years. Traditionally families would attend church in the morning followed by a feast of food, dancing and drinking. This tradition is still very much the same today.

This holiday is celebrated all around the world by millions of people. Did you know that the worlds most attended St Patrick’s Day celebration is in New York City it has over 2 million people gather for the city’s famous grand parade.

History and Fun Facts about St Patrick's Day


When Was The First St. Patrick’s Day Celebrated?

Since the 10th century people in Ireland have been observing the Roman Catholic feast day. It is known that the actual first ever parade took place in America and not in fact in Ireland it is said that in 1601 it was first celebrated in America by the Spanish Colony and it was the Irish Vicar Ricardo Artur.

It was not until a century later, Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through the city of New York to honour the holiday it was then what we know of it to be today. It is a great holiday that brings people together and is celebrated so far and wide.

History and Fun Facts about St Patrick's Day

What Traditions Or Quirks Are Thereon St Patrick’s Day?

Did you know in Chicago they die the river green? That’s right they turn the river green, the practise started in 1962 when pollution-control workers used too dye the water to trace illegal sewage and realised that the green dye would be a great way to create a unique and wonderful celebration tradition. They used to use up to 100 pounds of green vegetable dye but today to help safe the environment they only use 40 pounds. 100 pounds would keep the river green for a week.

They say you haven’t celebrated St Patrick’s day until you celebrate with corned beef and cabbage not only is it a classic dish, but it is delicious and healthy. While you are eating your traditional Irish dish why not enjoy it while watching Irish Step dancers. This the most traditional dance from Ireland if you haven’t seen it you must it’s a fantastic watch.


What Ideas Are There To Celebrate With My Family And Friends?

Below are 10 activities you can do that does not involve drinking or going out.

  • You can make some delicious (and kid-friendly) drinks that are just as festive, like green limeade or a healthy green smoothie.
  • Make Delicious green cakes! Cake making is always hit with the kids it’s a fun sociable way to bring people together.
  • Plant Shamrocks! That’s right planting shamrocks is an annual St Paddy’s Day tradition. These can be planted in your own back garden.
  • Watch an Irish Movie. With hundreds to choose from I am sure there will be one for everyone to watch and agree on.
  • Get Creative Doing St. Patrick’s Day Crafts, spend the day making shamrock wings or shamrock headbands. This is a great way to keep them entertained.
  • Learn the history behind the day! Gather the history books and google and learn something new.
  • Learn how to Stepdance there are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube.
  • Make a traditional Irish meal there are plenty of dishes to pick from.
  • Learn to sing classic Irish songs not only are they catchy but they are very fun to sing.
  • Play a St Patrick party game like Gold Coin Toss or Laprechaun Tag.


St Patrick’s day is filled with rich history and is always a good day to spend with family and friends. If you want to celebrate with colleagues, we can arrange for a range of activities to take place within the office we have lots of indoor team building activities to pick from. Contact us today to discuss in more detail.

History and Fun Facts about St Patrick's Day