Since lockdown began, we along with so many other companies have had no choice but to work from home. Working under these new conditions and being so far from your team, we have come up with our top tips for managing remote teams. A lot of us have never worked from home before or even managed a team from a far. It comes with its advantages and disadvantages but today we are looking at some of the best ways to manage a remote team. Read on to find out. 


Schedule Regular Meetings

Having a routine is key to providing your team with something they are used to and familiar with. If you schedule your meetings / briefings at the same time on the same weekday and stick to this it certainly contributes to creating a routine for the whole team. It will also help reduce stress and anxiety some team members may be feeling. Having this type of routine will recreate the routine office feeling remote teams are missing out on.

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Use Multiple Communication Platforms

It is important to consider the benefits of using several different types of platforms to communicate with different teams. The more platforms that you offer to your teams, the higher the internal feeling of togetherness. Managing remote teams can be difficult when people prefer different forms of communication. Some people prefer video calls, some prefer to send a quick message on a messaging service e.g. Microsoft Teams when they need an urgent answer from the right person immediately. It is important to take some time to understand everyone’s needs and cater for the many rather than the few. The more choice you give them the more efficient the communication will be.


Use Hours Wisely

In today’s global working environment, it is recommended to ensure remote teams from across the world can work together even from different time zones. Collaboration is key to a successful team so we recommend you adjust hours slightly to make sure that hours overlap for different time zones. Teams can then have at least an hour or two to work together each day. Using your hours wisely also helps with problem solving and brainstorming for fresh ideas and helps when managing remote teams.

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Don’t Forget One To One’s

One – to – ones with your team members are a fundamental part of making any team work. Make sure to make these a part of your remote working weeks. These one- to – ones will not only help keep members connected to the vision and motivated, it will also help you keep track of status and will give you the best chance to provide feedback to them.


Have Fun

We understand that virtual teams can be hard to manage. Although it is important to maintain a corporate culture within your team it is also essential to ensure teams can a little fun and break the ice every now and then. At Team Tactics our aim is to inject a bit of fun into corporate teams and break up their days with a fun and energizing activity. Virtual team building has never been so important! Our selection of activities for remote teams improve morale, increase productivity and reduce loneliness. ‘Seal The Deal’ is an exciting game while our ‘Who’s Got It?’ event provides a competitive race against time to grab as many household items in a mass virtual scavenger hunt! 

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