We all understand how easy and quickly falling into bad habits can become. Today this applies more then ever as lots of us have had to deal with a big change from working in the office to home. Here are some bad habits we recommend avoiding.

Poor Posture

Sitting on a bed or a sofa is going to do no wonders for your posture, they can carry effects both in the long and short run, such as chronic back pain. The best option is to set up a makeshift office with a proper desk and chair. This will not only do amazing things for your back but will also help maximise productivity, especially if you work in short bursts.   

Habits To Avoid While Working From Home.

Poor Diet

There is nothing like a challenge than staying away from the fridge while working from home. It is nearly impossible, but like they say nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. You need to make sure you are eating three decent meals a day to help stop the snacking. Too much processed food is not good for you. 

Sitting Inside All Day Long

Now we no longer have to commute or walk to the local shop for our lunches we may find ourselves sitting in doors a little too much. Make sure you do not do this as it’s not healthy. You need the fresh air to help clear your head and the Vitamin D to help grow strong. It is important to get outside so make sure you make time for this. 

Habits To Avoid While Working From Home.

Stay Away From The TV

We know how tempting it is to turn that TV on with Netflix and Amazon prime at the tip of your fingers the temptation is real. The problem with this however it is a distraction, no matter how good you think you are at cutting the noise out it will still distract you. You will get more work done if you are not distracted by visuals so music or a podcast would be better then TV if you did want background noise.

Over Multitasking

Working from home sill requires a lot of focus on your day job. It is impossible to focus on work as well as your kids or general house jobs you have at the same time. It is very difficult to do all of this at once. You need to find the balance between both family and work. Communicate with your team and share with them your schedule and work around it together. It is important in these times. You do not want to burn yourself out trying to do everything at the same time.

Habits To Avoid While Working From Home.

Another bad habit is procrastinating and reading blogs like this so get on with your work. We have several virtual team buidlings game desgined to help bring your team together, Contact us today for more information.